TeraGo launches partner program

TeraGo Networks' Bernie Schmidt

TeraGo Networks’ Bernie Schmidt

Thornhill, Ont.-based TeraGo Networks has announced the Partner Advantage Program, its first ever formal program for solution providers, as it looks to expand the number of VARs, MSPs and other solution providers that sell its broadband business wireless Internet services.

The company – which runs a nationwide wireless network for business that specializes in “fibre quality in places fibre can’t reach,” has long worked with solution providers, said Bernie Schmidt, who runs TeraGo Networks’ partner program. It just has done so in a more informal basis. But with the cloud, online business continuity and unified communications all becoming more regular facts of business life, Schmidt said it was time “go mainstream and start connecting with more VARs and SIs.”

The company’s customers run the gamut from small to large business, all using TeraGo’s network as either a primary connection or to provide redundancy. And across the boards, many of those customers are already working with incumbent IT solution providers, Schmidt said.

“We’re not looking to compete with any IT service provider, we’re looking to be complementary of with what they’re doing,” he said. “If it’s a regional VAR looking to install a cloud solution for their customer, we want to be there and be ready to fire their solution.”

Already, he said, “a good portion” of the company’s business is coming from solution providers who find them and their services. And with the launch of the partner program, which is essentially a referral program, he hopes to accelerate that.

Primary services available from TeraGo via partners include Internet access, data networking, network redundancy, and voice services in the form of SIP trunking. Referral compensation can be 25 per cent of the customers’ recurring revenues with TeraGo. Although, obviously, it’s up to channel partners how to deal with that – some partners may take the margin bost, some may offer to pass on additional savings to the customer, and some might do a mix.

Essentially, Schmidt said, getting involved is as simple as registering on TeraGo’s Web site, getting access to a 1-800 hotline, and then getting deals registered and getting going.

Other benefits of the program include TeraGo-provided marketing resources and “front-of-the-line” customer support for partner program members.

“I believe the SIs and the VARs are the ones who really know what’s going on inside their customers,” Schmidt said. They’re the ones who make sure the right solutions are being recommended. There’s a lot of upside here.”

And he suspects there’s a lot more business to be had through an engaged and aware channel community. Schmidt said that good fits in terms of partner types include partners who are Cisco-authorized, into VMware, or heavily into unified communications installations.

“All these things are high bandwidth, and that’s what we’re good at,” he said.

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  1. Yan
    January 14, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Do not use this service if you’re looking for a reliable WAN solution. Got to a new job with Terago as the primary provider, and it’s been very poor for the past 2 years. We had many major outages (over 8 hours of no service) the past couple of years, some due to roof maintenance, some weather related, and some Terago equipment failures. When they send a technician on site, it’s hit or miss. Had knowledgeable techs who knows what they’re doing, and had ones don’t even know how to configure their own switch (how do I save configuration file on a cisco? uh oh, we’re in trouble…). Their SLA is pretty much useless, since it’s never their fault, even weather related outages are “Out of their control”, when their sales rep will claim other wise before the service is installed so don’t be fooled. If they claim their system is redundant, ask them about their last mile to your site. There is no redundancy what so ever there and failure occurs often (due to weather, power, window washers, things getting in the line of sight, crane, etc….). If you’re already with Terago and try to get out of their poor service is even more painful. They’ll do their 30day evaluation, and find everything to be sustainable and thats that. My advice is go with another provider, you’re just wasting your money and time with Terago.

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