QuickVid: Lenovo’s protect and attack strategy

It’s been quite a ride for Lenovo, which recently celebrated arriving as the second-biggest PC vendor on the planet.

The company attributes a big part of that success – it actually reached the goal two years ahead of its own timetable – to its “protect and attack” strategy. While he was in Toronto this week, I caught up with Milko van Duijl, head of mature markets at Lenovo, to discuss the strategy, where Lenovo goes from here, and how the vendor is fine-tuning its still-developing server strategy.


Check back in later this week for part two of my video interview with van Duijl, discussing Lenovo’s strategy around tablets, and why van Duijl believes the “corporate tablet” won’t truly take off until Windows 8 arrives. Plus, on the next edition of the ChannelBuzz.ca Podcast, hear van Duijl’s thoughts on the consumerization of IT and the “bring your own device” trend.