SYNNEX introduces mobile e-commerce apps

If SYNNEX Canada is your distributor of choice, there’s a good chance “There’s an app for that.”

The distributor has announced a mobile app version of its ECExpress e-commerce site, available now for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and webOS mobile platforms, allowing reseller customers to search for product pricing and availability, place orders and check order and account status.

In a statement, the company said the application, built by the distributor’s own Mobile Apps Solution Group, “takes the best of those features and provides resellers in the field with the same functionality on a mobile device in real-time without an Internet connection.”

What’s SYNNEX up to in the mobile world? Here are some thoughts.

The ECExpress application is available in U.S. and Canadian flavours, and joins a stable of applications built by the distributor, including a show guide for its U.S. National Conference last week and an app for its (currently U.S.-only) Varnex signature SMB community. You can find information on the Android version here, the webOS version here, and the iOS 4 version here (iTunes link.)

As well as being a value-add for SYNNEX resellers – chief executive Kevin Murai states that “No other distributor has this solution” in the company’s release – the application seems to be a way to get Synnex VARs familiar with the company’s Mobile App Solutions business.

Something else worth noting – the company teamed up with HP to give reseller attendees of its National Conference last week in Greenville, S.C. a test drive of the service, providing attendees a Palm Pixi with 30-day service from U.S. carrier Sprint.

Do you see the demand for mobile access to your distributors? Would this app come in handy for you? Are your customers looking for or building custom mobile apps today? Buzz back in the comments below and let us know.