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EMC’s shift in Data Lake strategy opens up new partner opportunities

EMC’s Data Lake 2.0 significantly enhances the original core-focused Data Lake strategy by extending it to the edge and the cloud, as well as strengthening the core. This is also likely to expand partner opportunities somewhat beyond the very limited involvement thought likely when the original Data lake was announced.

Storage vendor X-IO to go all-channel in new, highly-differentiated partner program

The program offers tiers for exclusive and non-exclusive partners, an Exclusivity Program rather than deal registration, and high margins. Their Canadian partners have not been very active in the recent past, but a drive in Canada to change that and expand the channel is forthcoming.

Dell beefs up its top of the line SC enterprise arrays

AUSTIN — High-end enterprise arrays from EMC may be on the way, but the highest-end storage arrays in today’s Dell inventory received a major boost this at Dell World. The Dell Storage SC9000, which replaces the SC8000 as Dell’s flagship array, boasts major hardware enhancements, new 12Gb SAS expansion enclosures and next generation array software.…