New TerraJet Toner brings major enhancements to new HP Color Laser Jet Series printers

HP introduces their SMB-focused HP Color Laser Jet 4200/4300 portfolio, and the enterprise HP Color Laser Jet Enterprise 5000/6000 and X5000/X6000, but while the new devices have multiple new features, the real highlight here is the next generation TerraJet toner.

HP 4302 in scan mode

CHICAGO — Today at the HP Amplify Partner Conference in Chicago, HP. Inc announced new portfolios of A4 printers. The HP Color Laser Jet 4200/4300 is aimed at the SMB market while the HP Color Laser Jet Enterprise 5000/6000 and X5000/X6000 are aimed at the enterprise. The 5000/6000 portfolio either complements the A3 portfolio HP introduced last year, or provides an option for enterprises who dont’t quite need the power of the more expensive A3s. However what HP is really emphasizing with its new printers isn’t so much the availability of the models themselves, but the new next-generation TerraJet Toner which is being introduced on these models, and will subsequently be on all the new HP Color Laser Jet series printers.

We not only have a new lineup of products, but also new technology which is gong to be part of our portfolio,” said Xavi Garcia, Head of Print Hardware Systems at HP.

Small businesses are very focused on growing their businesses and nearly 40% of them plan to increase their staffing as they grow,” said Vivian Chow, Head of Product and Portfolio Management at HP. “In a very tight labour market, it becomes very challenging to attract and retain their talent. They are also looking to keep their existing workforce highly productive, and this translates into how they look at their IT.”

For HP, Chow said that requires adjusting to a blended work environment which provides solutions that let them keep their talent, keep them productive, and let them focus on their productivity.”

The HP Color Laser Jet Series 42000/4300 is focused on small business while the HP Color Laser Jet Series 5000/6000 are focused on the enterprise.

Both of these new solutions and printing systems are powered by our new innovation, the TerraJet Toner,” Chow said. “This is the most advanced toner technology today. It has new particle design with a protective shell that reduces toner waste, with less plastic for cartridges [28%] and less plastic for packaging [71%] than the previous generation. It also has low melt technology that requires less energy than the previous generation of HP Cartridges. It all leads to a lower carbon footprint.

A lot of innovations make this our next generation toner technology and it powers all of the 4000, and 5000 and 600 series,” Chow stated.

Chow noted as well that the 4000 series has improved performance with sharper colours, and built-in security with tamper resistant chips.

The new toner technology enables the pop small businesses want,” she stated. “It enables more vibrant colors and a larger colour space so the colours are more true to life. This is made possible by new toner particles that can be packed more closely together on the page for more colors, and brightness.

In terms of productivity, the 4000 series offers groundbreaking performance,” Chow said. “It prints at 35 ppm single sided, the fastest in its class. But perhaps even more interesting is the double sided printing capability at 31 ppm. Between the new toner technology and our highly innovative Paper Path algorithm, we are able to get two sides of printing with only a four page difference in performance.”

Chow then discussed some of the software enhancements of the series.

We heard a lot from customers that small business doesn’t have time to manage IT,” she said. “Our new software capabilities check the toner levels, status of printers, onboard and offboard users remotely. It is ideal for a distributed workforce with this new manageability capability. In addition, HP Smart Pro lets you scan multiple items at the same time, which is ideal for things like trip receipts, and security out of the box is provided by updated firmware from HP Pro Wolf Security, so you don’t need to configure the security.”

HP 5800F

The Color Laser Jet Enterprise 5000/6000 and X500/X600 are built for the reimagined office, and provide the productivity and efficiency of an A3 copier at the cost of an A4 printer.

The 5000 is more of a desktop shared printing device while the 6000 is a floor standing copier class device,” Chow said. Both are focused on collaboration and productivity.

Chow called out the significance of the serviceability in these enterprise models.

It is important both for channel partners and end users in terms of uptime,” she said.

Over 80% of replaceable parts in this device can be replaced in five minutes or less. “That’s very transformative for partners who support these devices and for users who can not afford downtime.”

The same Flow technology in HP’s 700 and 800 series products are available on the 5000 and 6000 as well, Chow added. Wi-Fi Security is also available in these devices to allow admins to configure to the enterprise’s particular needs.

Chow drew attention to the Industry’s first A4 targeted fusing technology.

This means that we will only keep the fuser where there is media to complete,” she said. “This means better energy use performance.”

Other features on the 5000/6000 models include Reverse and Retry Digital Scanning Technology for A4, which is essential for digitization, and Cartridge Access Control for A4 individual cartridges, which has also come down from the 700-800 series.

It enables managers to ensure that no toner is wasted,” Chow said.

The enterprise series also has an A4 configure-to-order color laser portfolio, with the ability to configure the interface to whatever is needed.

These new products show how committed HP is to sustainability,” Chow concluded. “There are lower melting temperatures and a lot less plastic because everything can be compacted more. This is enabled by a toner particle and the coating on it – because it moves like liquid. We are very happy to see it come out in these devices.”