Lenovo and WEKA announce new global deal around AI, ML and HPC workloads

The new integration of Lenovo ThinkSystem Ready Nodes in ThinkSystem Servers with WEKA Data Platform software provides a broad horizontal play.

Jeff Echols, vice president of channel and strategic partnerships at WEKA

Lenovo and high performance data platform provider WEKA have announced a new global agreement which will combine Lenovo’s ThinkSystem servers with WEKA’s hybrid cloud data platform software. The integration between the two will make available a powerful, high-performance and scalable data management solution for AI [artificial intelligence], ML [machine learning] and HPC [ high performance computing] workloads available in more than more than 160 markets worldwide.

“I came into this role early last year, and we decided that we wanted to work much closely in the field with Lenovo,” said Jeff Echols, vice president of channel and strategic partnerships at WEKA.

The integration of Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SDS Ready Nodes with WEKA Data Platform software will provide customers with extremely broad configuration choices, which give customers the option to choose from the latest generations of Intel and AMD processors, NVIDIA GPUs, NVMe drives, and fast networking selections. The integration of WEKA with the ThinkSystem SDS Ready Nodes will enable customers to leverage on-demand public compute resources for cloud-bursting, remote backup, and disaster recovery workloads.

Colin Gallagher, WEKA’s Vice President of Product Marketing

“We really focus on customers looking to do high performance data analytics across a number of industries like life sciences, finance, genomics, life science, and media and entertainment,” said Colin Gallagher, WEKA’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “It really is specific to the specific type of customer and the specific type of problem.”

“We will be more of a horizontal play for Lenovo with this,” Echols stated.

The combined Lenovo and WEKA solution is architected to simplify scale while delivering leadership quality uptime, and performance. Validated WEKA Ready Node systems can be quickly deployed for all scale-out workloads simplifying deployment and eliminating risk resulting in a faster time to production.

“This is ideal based on where we fit into the market,” Gallagher said. “It works for customers who want HPC but within a traditional set of capabilities.”

The joint solution will go to market through Lenovo’s much larger channel.

“We will be extensively working with Lenovo and Lenovo channel partners,” Echols said. “One of the benefits is it gives us global access to the market to provide WEKA with access to provide solutions to meet customers’ needs. So we will be working with Lenovo to activate their channel around this.”

Lenovo ThinkSystem SDS Ready Node solutions tested, optimized and certified with the WEKA Data Platform include the ThinkSystem SR630 V2, SR635 V2, SR650 V2 and SR655 V2.