CYREBRO names Nader Soudah as first Global Channel Sales Vice President to drive transition to all-channel model

CYREBRO provides full visibility of a company’s existing security posture along with an advanced 24/7/365 SOC solution, which has a market in all segments, from the enterprise to very small businesses.

Nader Soudah, CYREBRO’s Global Channel Sales Vice President

Israeli-based CYREBRO, which provides a solution that combines full security visibility with SOC capabilities for its partners, has made a full commitment to the channel for its Go-to-Market strategy. They have named Nader Soudah as their company’s Global Channel Sales Vice President – the first executive in that role – to lead the company to an exclusive channel-only sales model, with full alignment across partner sales, marketing teams and programs. Soudah most recently ran channels at Liqid, following earlier channel leadership positions which included Komprise, NexGen, Quorum, and Drobo.

CYREBRO, which was founded in 2013, competes with MSSPs and others who provide outsourced SOC services, but they emphasize that they are not the same thing.

“The MSSP is typically in the middle, and leverage another third-party product,” said Patrick Pocalyko, EVP North America at CYREBRO.  “We do everything from soup to nuts for the client, everything for them, and we package it to serve SMBs all the way up to the enterprise.”

Pocalyko said that while the service that CYREBRO provides is unique, that and the fact that they serve multiple market segments means that they have a broad range of competitors.

Patrick Pocalyko, EVP North America at CYREBRO

“Because we are unique, we indirectly compete against everything,” he indicated. “Some customers don’t understand the difference between us and a multitude of other products, like MDRs, which have been around for years and which provide monitoring for the midmarket and the SMB space. They address a piece of the puzzle. In the enterprise, we compete against the GSIs like Accenture and Deloitte In the midmarket, we run into companies like Arctic Wolf and eSentire. Further downmarket, we compete with managed EDRs.”

“One of our unique attributes is that at the low end of the market, we can go to very small customers as well, Soudah said. “We can go lower than a 50-seat count, and most companies in that space do not.”

Soudah was brought in as Global Channel Sales Vice President – the first executive to hold that specific role – because CYREBRO made the decision to pivot to an all-channel model, and brought in an experienced channel executive to oversee that transition.

“Like most startups, we got business from any which way we could, but as you mature, you need to focus on a channel Go-to-Market,” Pocalyko  said. “It’s the only way to scale. We had tried many Go-to-Market strategies before, but it became obvious that we needed to put out an all-channel strategy.”

Soudah explained why he was brought in to fill the new channel role.

“Speed is part of the formula of success here – speed to getting to the right partners,” he said. “Because of my background, I tend to have relationships in the right places and I get meetings quite quickly. What I’m bringing is speed to get to the right market with those partners.”

Soudah said that in growing their channel, the focus is not on high profile names, but on the right partners, although this will include some high profile partners, both the CDWs of the world and regional cybersecurity-focused partners.

“The main ingredient for a successful channel relationship is mutual success, and finding partners who align with that is the key,” he said. “We are also investing in more feet on the street internally to help make this happen, adding CAMs [Channel Account Managers] to support our partners and make sure that resources are in region.”

A channel program has been designed, and will formally launch in January.

“What has been there to date has been informal and regionally specific, and there was a need to launch it as one formal program,” Soudah stated.  “Everyone has a channel program, but just talking about that gets you lost in the weeds. What makes us unique is the offering. It lets partners stay connected to their customers because we give them the tools to provide a service.”

That ability to empower the partner is a key part of CYREBRO’s value proposition, Soudah concluded.

“We are coming to market with a unique solution, which is nothing like partners have seen before,” he said. “They hold the customer relationship. They aren’t a reseller, and are well positioned to wrap their own services around our solution.”