Automated SaaS security startup DoControl launches partner program as part of new 100% channel strategy

DoControl, which is only a year old, is just exiting its proof of concept stage, so its channel is brand new, with GuidePoint Security being the most recognizable name among partners who have signed up.

DoControl, a 2021 Israeli startup that is now based in New York City, is making its first move into the channel. The company has launched its Accelerate Channel Program for global systems integrators, national solutions providers, VARs, cybersecurity consulting firms, and MSPs.

DoControl makes a no-code automated Software as a Service [SaaS] security platform, which provides visibility, granular policy enforcement and automated security remediation for enterprise SaaS applications across their entire SaaS landscape.

“Our main focus is the automated remediation part of our offering,” said Corey O’Connor, Director of Product Marketing at DoControl. “We are focused on letting teams create data access control policies that remediate risk.”

“We are SaaS data security – and not operations management,” said Pam Zedak, Director, Channels North America at DoControl. “We compete for budget with these companies, but it’s a different problem set.”

DoControl’s target market is fairly broad, not just the enterprise.

“Our Go-to-Market focused on mid-market and enterprise-size customers, with some applicability for SMBs as well,” Zedak said. “In larger accounts in the enterprise, we could be a point solution. There are still uses for us in the enterprise in resolving gaps. We have some very large accounts where part of the organization is on SaaS and the customer needs to be able to see what’s where in their environments in a consistent fashion.”

Corey O’Connor, Director of Product Marketing at DoControl

“We talk to large enterprises who use apps like Box and Slack that deliver some of the same functionality that we provide, and we give them the ability to have control applications across them,” O’Connor added. “Depending on the size of the organization, we are also a great DLP or CASB alternative.”

“Downmarket we have attraction because we are less expensive than DLP,” Zedak added.

To this point in their short history, DoControl has focused primarily on selling direct while in their proof of concept stage. Now, however, they are pivoting to a channel-first model, even though the channel is still in its initial stages of being built out.

“I just came on board at the end of January,” Zedak said. “We have announced a few partners, but the channel relationship is coming from ground zero. We are, however, committed to 100% channel and we have 30 direct customers who we will be transitioning to the channel.” The inaugural set of channel partners announced consists of GuidePoint Security, EverSec Group, Castle Ventures, Legato Security, Consortium Networks and Tabernacle Technology Solutions.

“The national solution providers like Guidepoint can get to decision makers more easily, but we also want to accelerate our growth with regional providers and regional integrators,” Zedak continued. “MSPs also want to bundle us into their service.”

The basic components of the channel program have been built, although as in almost all startup programs, some things remain to be built out in later phases.

Pam Zedak, Director, Channels North America at DoControl

“Deal registration and guaranteed partner margins are already there,” Zedak said. “So are access to channel and solutions engineering resources and customer success teams from us, predefined workflow templates, and access to marketing funds.” The ability to offer DoControl’s Risk Assessment and Proof of Value evaluations at no charge, and NFR platform access are also available now.

One key element that is not there yet is the partner portal.

“We have evaluated solutions and have one that we like,” Zedak said. “It will be part of phase two.”

She also indicated DoControl has created what they think are an attractive collection of spiffs to get people interested.

Zedak also noted that while they have no Canadian partners today, and have not targeted Canada for this, they are definitely interested in meeting good Canadian partners.