HyAlto brings multi-cloud monetization model to ConnectWise with first RMM partnership

Alan Zurakowski, HyAlto’s  CEO

Ottawa-based HyAlto, which makes a cloud monetization platform that they are now focusing on the MSP market has deepened that focus with a new integration with ConnectWise. It is their first such integration with a Remote Monitoring and Management [RMM] provider, and the intent for now is to concentrate on the ConnectWise relationship before developing additional integrations with other RMMs, in order to ensure that this one is successful.

HyAlto was known as AirVM before a rebranding late last year. It is one of the early stage start-ups in the Wesley Clover company, an Ottawa-based organization run by Tery Matthews that incubates such firms. AirVM started out as an IaaS provider, added a cloud platform, which over time became the focus of the business and led to the divestiture of the IaaS operations to TeraGo in 2016. Last year they rebuilt the original platform, which has been focused entirely on VMware, to support multiple clouds, and the renaming of the company from the VMware-centric Air VM took place at this time. They announced the addition of support for the Veeam cloud earlier this year at the VeeamON event in May.

The HyAlto multi-cloud monetization business model  focuses on simplifying cloud services management for MSPs selling VMware and Veeam services. It removes the complexities related to cloud services front-office quoting and ordering, and back-office billing and chargebacks, through a single pane of glass interface.

“We automate tasks that most MSPs have to do manually,” said Alan Zurakowski, HyAlto’s  CEO. “They are done by human beings with spreadsheets, and they are a major pain point. Service providers who have a private hosted service on these clouds do not receive a tool to easily collect the data relating to private cloud usage. We collect it and correlate it by customer.”

Now, with the ConnectWise partnership, HyAlto automatically populates ConnectWise Manage with all of the VMware and Veeam usage information for each one of an MSP’s  clients.

“This allows the MSPs to automatically invoice clients for the services, without having to do the manual work, which takes a lot of time and is prone to human error,” Zurakowski stated. “This pain point we are addressing kept coming up with my customers. They all have the same issues around these private clouds.”

HyAlto chose ConnectWise for their first RMM integration because they considered them to be the strongest player in the space.

“They have the largest market share,” Zurakowski said. “My own customers were mainly using them, which is how they came to be on our radar. They are also attractive to us because they aren’t just in North America. They are in Europe, Australia, and Asia.”

HyAlto plans to expand their RMM integrations, but the initial focus will be on expanding to other ConnectWise products.

“For the time being we will focus on this, building our complete end-to-end integrations with ConnectWise,” Zurakowski said. “We will focus on them in this space for at least the next year before considering other vendors.”

HyAlto will be demonstrating their ConnectWise Manage integration at the IT Nation Connect show in Orlando, from October 30 – November 1, in Orlando. They are at Booth 301.

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