High end mobile refresh highlights Dell Precision workstation announcements at Computex

Dell is announcing new versions of their Precision 5540, 7540 and 7740 mobile workstations, as well as two updated towers and a rack workstation.

Dell Precision 5540

Today, at Computex in Taiwan, Dell is making a series of announcements around their workstation portfolio. While they beefed up their entry level workstation portfolio several weeks ago at Dell Technologies World, at this event they are refreshing their upper level mobile portfolios, with the new Dell Precision 5540, 7540 and 7740 mobile workstations. They also announced updates to their Precision 3000 series towers and the Precision 1U rack workstation, which address parts of the market which prioritize budget and space concerns.

The 7000 series is the top of the line for Dell’s workstations, and is designed for demanding use cases, while the 5000 is the middle of their range.

“This workstation portfolio is very popular in the content creation space – everything from visual effects in Academy Award-winning films, to concept cars, to video games,” said Frank Azor, VP and GM, XPS Alienware and G Series. “They are all being developed on Precision workstations. I’m proud to say that even the dragons in Game Of Thrones have been rendered on Precision workstations.”

At a starting weight of 3.9lbs, the Dell Precision 5540 is Dell’s thinnest and lightest 15” mobile workstation.

Dell Precision 7540

“We are updating the Precision 5540, which is very similar to our XPS 15, in that it fits a 15.6 inch Infinity edge display practically into a 14-inch form factor,” Azor said. “We are going to be updating that to feature 9th generation Intel Core processors as well as Xeon E 8 core processors, and you will be able to get it with NVIDIA Quadro T2000 graphics.”

The Precision 5540 has up to 4TB of storage and up to 64GB of memory, to allow quick access, transfer and storage of large 3D, video and multimedia files.

“We are also be going to be updating the displays to our new UHD displays, and the customer will have an OLED display option as well featuring a DCI-P3 color gamut,” Azor added.

“The other major update we are making to Precision is updating the 7540, a more powerful 15 inch mobile workstation,” Azor stated. It comes with a range of 15.6” display options, including a UHD HDR 400 display. It also supports up to 8K resolution and playback of HDR content via single Display Port 1.4.

The Precision 7540 is Dell’s smallest Ready for Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobile workstation. It can accelerate heavy workflows with up to 3200MHz SuperSpeed memory, or up to 128GB of 2666MHz ECC memory.

Dell Precision 7740

The third refreshed mobile workstation is the Dell Precision 7740 with its 17.3-inch screen. It also has the latest Intel Xeon E or 9th Gen Intel Core 8 core processors. It comes with up to 128GB of ECC memory, a large PCIe SSD storage capacity of up to 8TB, and NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics with AI-based graphics acceleration. Display options include a 17.3” UltraSharp UHD IGZO display with  100% Adobe color gamut.

“For fixed workstations, we have updated our Precision 3630 and 3431 towers,” Azor said. “These are small compact workstation towers at a more affordable point and with a more space-saving design.” At the same time, he stressed that they don’t compromise on features.

The next-generation Dell Precision 3630 and 3431 tower workstations have either 128GB or 64GB of 2666Mhz ECC or non-ECC memory respectively, as well as scalable storage options. The Precision 3630 has up to 16GB video memory with Quadro P5000 graphics, with an AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 option.

Clockwise from left: Precision 3431, 3630 and 3930

Finally, Dell is billing the Precision 3930 rack workstation as the world’s most powerful 1U rack workstation, and a great solution for customers running complex application environments like interactive design and large data set analysis workloads.

“The 3930 has 24 TB of storage, 128 GB of memory and all the performance you would expect,” Azor said.

The Dell Precision 5540, 7540 and 7740 mobile workstations will be available in early July. Starting prices will begin at $USD 1339, $USD 1149 and $USD 1409 respectively.

The Dell Precision 3630 Tower Workstation will be available from mid-July, starting at $USD 609.

The Dell Precision 3431 Tower Workstation will be available from June, starting at $USD 609.

The Dell Precision 3930 Rack will be available from mid-July, starting at $USD 879.