Cybera upgrades ease of cloud management with CyberaVUE

Cybera reboots their cloud-based management poirtal to add new functionality, and provide partners with additional services capabilities.

Cliff Duffey, Cybera’s President and Founder

Tennessee-headquartered Cybera, whose multi-tenanted CyberONE SD-WAN network services platform is focused on providing SD-WAN for edge environments of distributed enterprises, has enhanced their cloud management capabilities with their new CyberaVUE cloud-based management portal to enhance visibility in these networks.

Cybera was founded in 2001, and the company has always been in the WAN services market, but it has changed massively since it started, and the original business no longer exists. All of their customers and services today are based on the product platform launched in 2012.

“We are really in our third life and business plan, and have more in common with a 2012 startup than other companies founded in 2001,“ said Cliff Duffey, Cybera’s President and Founder.

The premise of the business today is that the WAN services market for organizations with many distributed locations has not been well serviced by providers.

“Big boxes have IT resources, but smaller footprint ones, particularly those with a lot of franchisees, don’t,” Duffey said. “Our market is businesses like restaurant chains and retail chains. In health care, it’s not the big organizations we serve, but networks of kiosks or doctor or dental clinic chains. Our focus is on the small widely distributed remote edge, where they need a WAN, but where the environment is  not the best fit for enterprise WAN products, which are designed for the big brands.”

At the same time, Cybera’s market is not standard SMBs – small businesses with an office.

“We do well with organizations with a lot of smaller organizations,” Duffey indicated. “Franchises, companies like Arby’s, are an especially strong play for us. In some cases, we win the brand directly, and in other cases, it’s through the franchisees. But we always focus on winning the brand decision first. We don’t go after franchisees first. We get selected first by the brand.

“We have also had IoT successes as of late, around things like point of sale payment deployment systems, which are still retail types,” Duffey added.

Cybera sells almost entirely through the channel.

Andrew Lev, Cybera’s CEO

“We have about a dozen partners, and we go deep with them,” said Andrew Lev, Cybera’s CEO. “They see us as a platform to enable a distributed roadmap, and provide a combination of SD-WAN and security.”

CyberVUE does not provide a net-new capability. It replaces a previous managed services portal, but the company says that the difference from the old one is massive.

“CyberVUE is essentially a green fields product built from the ground up,” Duffey said. “The prior one was good at managing, but didn’t control all the configuration details. A whole layer of security also had to be added for a cloud-based or remote-based system.”

CyberVUE consists of three elements. The CyberaVUE Insights Dashboard lets uses see health and network status in real time. CyberaVUE Configuration Controller adds that capability to control configuration details and provides a controlled environment for routine changes. The third component, the CyberaVUE Diagnostic Toolset, monitors and identifies the root cause of local issues.

CyberaVUE Diagnostic Toolset

“This is now the system that allows partners to see and manage all their services, as well as set up their own services dynamically on our platform,” Duffey said. “They can enable services in the cloud or on-prem – those management functions they had before.”

“One thing that makes us different is that we provide this as a service to distributed enterprises with little or no IT staff,” Lev said. “This new announcement enables SD-WAN services. It’s very different from a Do-it-Yourself router and offline software.”

That new services capability makes this a big deal for CyberVUE channel partners

“This empowers partners to now have a direct role in setting up and managing services on our platform, and it lets them turn on their own services,” Duffey indicated. “It’s a partner empowerment strategy and launch for us.”

CyberVUE is available now.

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