Tech Data Canada looks to Ignite SMB sales

Ed Galasso, general manager of Tech Data Canada

Ed Galasso, general manager of Tech Data Canada

Tech Data Canada is looking to light a fire under its work with SMB-focused solution providers with the launch of Ignite, a new sales strategy that sees the distributor assign sales specific sales resources to serving smaller VARs, with an eye to helping them create new types of solutions that their customers care about.

Based on a similar successful program in the U.S., Ignite launched in Canada at the beginning of February with the dawn of Tech Data’s new fiscal year. 

In this edition of the Podcast, we’re joined by Ed Galasso, vice president and general manager of Tech Data Canada, to discuss the launch of Ignite.

We’ll discuss:

  • what Ignite will mean to both Tech Data Canada and smaller Canadian VARs;
  • how Ignite came together in Canada;
  • who they’re seeking to help, and with what resources;
  • why the distributor is launching the program in Canada now, and its history in the SMB space; and
  • where Galasso sees the program going throughout 2019 and beyond.

All that and more in this edition of the Podcast.

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