NaaS provider Meta Networks looks to support select channel with first partner program

Meta Networks, whose network-as-a-service offering appeals to a variety of solution providers across the security, networking and managed services spaces, wants to start with a limited number of initial partners, and make them successful before expanding the program.

Meta Networks, which makes a cloud-native software-defined networking platform to provide a Network-as-a-Service {NaaS] offering, has formally launched their Meta NaaS Channel Partner Program. It is designed to enable and support a select number of partners from across a wide swath of solution areas that relate to the Meta solution, which is a next-generation alternative to the traditional VPN.

“We build a Network-as-a-Service remote access solution for enterprises,” said Etay Bogner, Meta Networks’ CEO and Founder. “A beauty of what we do for the channel is that we build a platform where they can do two things – provide added value by reselling access – and connecting other services like Symantec Bluecoat and Syren. Our platform allows our partners to access our vendor partners.”

Meta Networks’ software-defined architecture is designed for easy integration with third-party vendors. It is based on identity-based policy routing and packet-level identity verification, in which each user has a unique, fixed identity and has no access to anything until granted in a zero-trust model. Their initial focus is on the 250-1000 seat market, on the principle that this market segment is more receptive to rethinking their traditional networking infrastructure than larger enterprises.

Bogner said that the uniqueness of their solution makes it a high value-add for the channel.

“The channel is interested in moving into subscription-based solutions, and most of them cannot build something close to what we build,” he said. “I spoke with a big MSSP that does provide a subset of what we do, and he said they were already at the point of scaling up to what we build, when they found us. This is a void that we can fill. We are the right match for MSSPs and all channel partners who consider themselves value-add. The IT world is moving towards an as-a-service model, especially security as a service. This is where the channel can participate, and with this solution, they can also integrate additional security services.”

Bogner expects this to appeal to a broad range of partner types, including networking VARs, security VARs, MSPs and MSSPs.

“All of these are interested,” he said. “It’s something that is very compatible with other things they are offering, and gives them the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell.”

While the base of potential partners is quite large, out of the gate the company wants to be choosy about who it works with – at least in the short term.

“The plan is to keep the number of partners relatively low, at least through the end of this year,” said Amy Ariel, Meta Networks’ CMO. “We want to make sure they are successful, so their customers have a good experience. Next year we will scale it up more. but we haven’t determined how much yet at this stage.”

The program structure is designed for future growth, as it has three tiers – the ubiquitous Silver, Gold and Platinum – and a support infrastructure designed for the variety of partner types likely to be attracted to the program. A dedicated services team has been created to facilitate sales engineering and other pre- and post-sales enablement.

The program’s emphasis is more around sales enablement than technical training.

“The solution itself is very light touch,” Bogner said. “That means that partner enablement is more on the sales side, and understanding the value proposition. It has less emphasis on the integration aspects because these are not complex.”

Sales and marketing support include incentive programs and promotions, marketing and PR support, and collaboration on direct marketing campaigns.

Meta Networks provides 24x7x365 SLA-based support, 1st Level Support, and 2nd Level Support options.