Tech Data looks to grow Oracle business by adding Oracle universal cloud credits to StreamOne

Oracle introduced universal cloud credits for their IaaS and PaaS services last fall to both assist on-prem customers transition to the cloud and expand their market. Tech Data making the credits available on their StreamOne marketplace is designed to help here, and is likely to add new partners to Oracle’s channel.

Sergio Farache, senior vice president, Global Cloud Solutions at Tech Data

Tech Data has announced an expansion of their long-standing relationship with Oracle, which will see Oracle’s relatively new universal cloud credits for metered services become available on the Tech Data StreamOne marketplace. The credits will be available to Tech Data partners in both the Americas and Europe.

“Tech Data has had a relationship with Oracle that has extended for many years,” said Sergio Farache, senior vice president, Global Cloud Solutions at Tech Data. “We continue to see them as a significant supplier to the market, and are committed to this relationship.”

Oracle introduced their universal cloud credits last fall as part of a series of major announcements that  provided new ways for customers to consume Oracle offerings.

“The universal credits are very much like a pre-paid card,” Farache said. “They provide access to all of Oracle’s Platform-as-a-Service [PaaS] and Infrastructure-as-a-Service {IaaS] offerings.” Partners can purchase them as a single SKU to allow them to offer IaaS and PaaS to their customers, and with the flexibility to upgrade or expand or move services if customer requirements change.

Tech Data offers a variety of other IaaS and PaaS offerings through StreamOne, each with their own individual value propositions, and this one will have the most interest to Oracle’s significant install base.

“It is clearly much more attractive for customers who are already users of the Oracle database,” Farache said. “Their cloud is optimized for that, and there are benefits in terms of licensing costs. Through StreamOne, Tech Data will provision and manage these services.”

Farache also indicated that Oracle’s universal credits – and by extension Tech Data’s offering here – is also intended to grow Oracle’s customer base.

“Oracle introduced their universal credits because they want to expand their market – not just migrate customers from on-prem to cloud,” he said  “With StreamOne, we can greatly simplify these processes. It is very complex and difficult to manage IaaS without the services that we are providing, and without this, it would be much harder for Oracle to achieve its goals.”

Farache said that Oracle is looking to add new partners to sell their cloud offerings, and that Tech Data’s selling the PaaS and IaaS services through SteamOne will facilitate this.

“We will be able to support onboarding of new partners for Oracle with this,” he indicated. “StreamOne makes this process much more simple for the partner, which will make these Oracle services more attractive to them.”

Farache noted that while Tech Data presently has a base of partners in the Canadian market who work with Oracle, this new initiative should expand it.

“Every vendor has their own strategy in terms of partners, and our purpose as a distributor is to support that strategy and expand partners’ capabilities,” Farache said. “Oracle is trying to expand their market with these credits, and StreamOne will help them to achieve that.”