Building the Tech Data/IBM relationship [video]

It’s both a new distribution partnership and a longstanding familiar one. IBM Canada and Tech Data Canada are working together to reach the channel, and while the partnership is new for Tech Data Canada, it comes as a result of the distributor’s acquisition of longtime distributor Avnet Technology Solutions earlier this year.

So how will the new and expanded relationship work, especially for Tech Data Canada customers who perhaps haven’t worked much with Big Blue in the past? And how does the new partnership impact IBM’s channel strategy, especially at a time when the vendor is redefining itself and what it does, both in front of customers and the channel.

I sat down with Joe Sehl, IBM Canada’s director of business partners, and Brian Aebig, vice president of sales for the enterprise business at Tech Data Canada, to discuss the partnership, why IBM is looking at the channel new ways, and why channel partners should be looking at Big Blue in new ways.

Check out the video below for more.

For a more technology-centric perspective on this new partnership, join us in the near future as we continue the video discussion with Aebig, joined by IBM Canada sytems group leader Marshall St. Louis.