Cloudjumper cuts MSP partner onboarding costs with JumpStart onboarding solution

Client onboarding onto the CloudJumper Workspace-as-a-service platform has been manual and time consuming in the past. This solution is designed to eliminate that, and is free for MSPs to use.

Max Pruger, CloudJumper’s chief sales officer

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform provider CloudJumper has announced the availability of JumpStart, a new onboarding solution for their MSP partners. It is free of charge for them to use. It also eliminates a lot of manual work and significantly reduces the amount of time needed for MSPs to onboard new clients.

“We are really excited about this,” said Max Pruger, CloudJumper’s chief sales officer. “While we can set up the actual environment in a couple of minutes, for the MSPs, the most painful part has always been that initial onboarding and migration. That’s where partners spend the most time. In the past, we have responded to this in several ways. We provided some tools to partners to migrate data. We eliminated almost all onboarding fees. We also give the MSP the first month for free to account for the time spend in all the upfront work.”

Pruger said that while these benefits won’t be terminated now that JumpStart is available, it is the culmination of all these efforts, and will accomplish the task much more effectively than any of these past remedies.

JumpStart provisions CloudJumper nWorkSpace environments quickly and easily by scanning the customer IT environment, mirroring customer landscape data within the cloud-based workspace, and provisioning the new WaaS accounts.

“It’s an automated process that audits the user’s environment, and includes a price quoting module,” Pruger said. “The partner can review and edit it, and when they are comfortable with it, they just click ‘migrate’ and the data is migrated to the cloud.”

JumpStart’s capabilities include a core-to-edge environmental scan of the new WaaS customer IT environment, to identify applications and quantify data requirements for the cloud-based workspace. This includes employee-specific application and data set uploads to replicate the traditional desktop environment. Security permissions from the physical IT environment are also replicated to the WaaS infrastructure.

Pruger said JumpStart will save MSPs weeks worth of time and address the biggest pain point in cloud migrations, freeing up a lot of time to be spent on more productive work.

“The time required varied depending on the maturity of the partner, but it was a very manual process,” he said. “Before, they could be tweaking for 90 days, and now we expect that the whole process will be under a week.”

JumpStart will also allow partners to be more self-sufficient.

“New partners typically take three to six months to close their first deal, and we typically hold their hand in onboarding that first customer, where we would set up the environment and install each of the requested applications,” Pruger said. “It would usually take them about two or three customers before they are self-sufficient in the process. We had a lot of disparate tools that would do the auditing, but they didn’t capture the entire user profile experience like JumpStart does.”

The JumpStart onboarding solution is integrated with CloudJumper’s my.CloudJumper partner portal, and the data from the client’s physical computing environment is loaded into my.CloudJumper. Pruger said that JumpStart is a thematic followup to this new portal as well, in terms of its ability to empower partners.

“The first part of this was the my.Cloudjumper portal, showing all the aggregate data we collect and giving visibility,” he said. “We are now extending this process out to onboarding.”

JumpStart is scheduled for availability in Q2.