Kaseya making multiple enhancements to solution set for MSPs

In addition to new versions of AuthAnvil and Traverse, Kaseya will soon be rolling out the second generation of its PSA product – and a brand new migration solution to encourage MSPs to move to it.


Fred Voccola, Kaseya’s CEO

Remote management and monitoring software provider Kaseya has made multiple announcements enhancing elements of the solution sets it provides to its MSP customers. Kaseya has updated its Kaseya AuthAnvil identity and access management solution. They also announced the imminent release of the new version of their Traverse Hybrid Cloud and Data Center monitoring solution. They will also soon be offering the second generation of Kaseya BMS, their own PSA product, and a free migration tool to migrate from legacy PSA products onto Kaseya BMS.

“The two announcements we have made involve two of our seven core integrated products, all of which are revenue generating products for MSPs,” said Fred Voccola, Kaseya’s CEO.

“The first change involves AuthAnvil, which provides identity and access as a service,” Voccola said. “This has been flying off the shelves, growing 400 per cent year over year for us. Recent hacks, including the widely publicized hacks around Hillary Clinton’s campaign, have helped increase awareness of hacks further. We are finding that even small dentists now want multi-factor authentication.”

Accordingly, AuthAnvil’s footprint has been expanded to protect Office 365 as well, automatically provisioning Office 365 user accounts as part of the authentication process. By directly tying into a company’s existing Active Directory or other user directory, AuthAnvil can automate both Office 365 user provisioning and privileges assignment.

Kaseya has also added a risk-based network and application authentication process engine to AuthAnvil. It allows administrators to quickly and easily create authentication rules using a risk-based approach. Access can be controlled based on any user attribute, or on geo-location, time, type of network or individual application usage.

The new version of Kaseya AuthAnvil is available now.

Kaseya also announced the forthcoming availability of the new release of its Traverse Hybrid Cloud and Data Center monitoring solution

“It’s a growing trend in the SMB sector to outsource this, and the large providers can’t deliver a service at a price point for this market,” Voccola said. “A lot of MSPs take Traverse and build a network management service and get profitable 3-5 year contracts. It’s the second fastest growing aspect of our business.”

Version 9.4 introduces advanced automation to provision monitoring of new cloud infrastructure, network devices or applications for full network lifecycle management.

“It enhances the ability to monitor both private and public clouds,” Voccola said.

Traverse 9.4 also adds a new intuitive search capability, built on Google’s Material Design standard, that lets administrators rapidly deploy and test system-wide changes to devices and monitoring thresholds with a single click. It will also support Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to enhance user authenticated security, and protect critical network and application infrastructure through single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication.

Kaseya Traverse 9.4 will be available late this month.

Another imminent announcement – what Voccola described as a “sneak peek” is the second generation of Kaseya’s PSA product, Kaseya BMS.

“We developed Kaseya BMS because we think MSPs should only invest in things they can directly generate revenue for,” he stated. “PSAs are important, but they don’t directly generate revenue because they are internally facing. The second generation of Kaseya BMS is being offered at one quarter the price of the legacy first generation PSAs.”

To accelerate adoption of Kaseya BMS, Kaseya will soon be introducing a free migration tool as well.

“ConnectWise has misled the market, saying that it’s so hard to migrate off PSAs,” Voccola said. “We will be announcing after the holiday a free PSA Migrator. If you have a first generation PSA, within a week you can migrate it into BMS. We will be offering that for free, and have spent a lot of time generating this.”

The new releases cap what Voccola said was a productive first year on the job at Kaseya.

“We came in with a strategy in mind, so we didn’t need to spend 90 days to figure out what we wanted to do,” he said. “Because the senior and middle management here proved to be very strong, we were able to accelerate our plans, and do in three months what we thought would take nine.”

Voccola said that customer satisfaction scores had more than doubled since his arrival, and his identification of this area as a top priority.

“When I came on, a lot of our customers had thought Kaseya had lost its way a little bit,” he said. “Now our renewal rates are almost 100 per cent. The average Kaseya MSP is growing their business around 30 per cent per year, while the industry average is 14 per cent. At our Barcelona event last week, I told our partners there that they were growing at twice the rate of their competitors!”