Kaseya unveils cloud PSA tools in next-gen Business Management Solution platform

Technology from the newly announced acquisition of PSA provider Vorex upgrades Kaseya PSA tools, and propels a takeaway offer aimed at customers of competing solutions.

Fred_Voccola Kaseya 300

Fred Voccola, Kaseya’s CEO

Kaseya has announced its second-generation Kaseya Business Management Solution (BMS) platform. A key innovation here is the integration of new, cloud-based PSA tools developed jointly with Dallas-based PSA provider Vorex, which Kaseya believes are a significant upgrade over those used by non-born in the cloud competitors. Accordingly, Kaseya is offering users of Autotask, ConnectWise,  and Tigerpaw a premium offer of a year’s free license, plus pricing of $25 per seat per month after that, which Kaseta says is 66 per cent less than these competitor offerings.

“We’ve seen in the last two years a change with the next generation of MSPs. said Fred Voccola, Kaseya’s CEO. “Five or six years ago they were also still doing PC and server support. Now they have new competitors, not just other MSPs, but technology competitors, cloud, and SaaS applications. They have to be more flexible and bring new services to market.”

Voccola said the new second generation BMS platform ties into this.

“What the original PSAs did was build products for single purpose functionality, and the  customer they built for didn’t have the complexities of today,” he said. “The result is that today it’s hard to do things with them like add service modules or do dynamic project management. We built from the ground up a native PSA cloud application, that works from the  basis that MSPs have multiple tasks, in contrast to the old ones which were client-server based, and which weren’t dynamic.”

Kaseya began its work with Vorex on the platform over a year ago.

“It has been ready for a while, but we wanted to time it right and make sure it was globally ready,” Voccola said. “The original agreement wasn’t to buy Vorex in itself, but we used the technology, then decided to buy the company.”

Voccola said that this cloud technology isn’t really designed to compete with the cloud offerings of companies like ServiceNow and Salesforce, because they aren’t playing in the same market.

“Those cloud companies are good for the giant MSPs, but the smaller MSPs have typically dealt with companies like ConnectWise, Tigerpaw, and Autotask, none of whom were born in the cloud.” Voccola said those legacy providers and their older technologies are Kaseya’s target here.

The new BMS offers a cloud-based approach that makes deployment fast and easy and provides authorized access from any web-enabled device at any time. The web interface is highly intuitive, to reduce training costs and materially improve user productivity. It’s also much cheaper than current competitor list prices, because of a pricing policy set by Kaseya.

“PSA doesn’t generate revenue,” Voccola said. “It doesn’t get you new customers. So we are offering it at one third the cost of others. We want our customers to spend their money on revenue-generating investments. That’s why we are going to give it away for free for the first year to displace competitors. They shouldn’t be spending their money on that.”

The freebie is a one- year free license for all ConnectWise, Autotask, and Tigerpaw MSPs. Subsquent to that, the regular pricing for Kaseya BMS will be $25 per seat, per month, with everything included.

“We want to make sure the MSP can go back and focus on what’s important to them, and increase their margins.” said Miguel Lopez, Senior Vice President and General Manager for MSP Solutions at Kaseya.