Data protection vendor Druva adds MSP channel, launches MSP partner program

Druva is mainly focused on the enterprise space, and its new MSP channel will give them a stronger presence downmarket. They are especially looking to recruit new MSPs who have no data centre.

Scott Siragusa insert
Scott Siragusa, Druva’s VP Business Development and global channels


Sunnyvale CA based converged data protection vendor Druva has announced a MSP channel strategy to broaden out beyond its software base. They have also announced a new dedicated PartnerSync program for MSPs.

Druva, which was founded in 2008, makes an endpoint data protection solution that was recently top-rated by Gartner.

“We mainly serve the needs of large enterprise and mid-sized organizations,” said Wynn White, Druva’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Converged data protection and governance – that’s our core bread and butter. People are now using secondary storage of data for governance as well as for backup and recovery, and we have customers who originally bought us for endpoint backup taking on data governance with us as well.”

While Druva sold mainly through the channel outside North America, with their focus on larger customers they started out selling direct in North America. They have since added a partner sales force and now have a hybrid model.

“We are working towards the goal of 100 per cent channel as we continue to go forward,” said Scott Siragusa, Druva’s VP Business Development and global channels.

“Now, we are announcing our foray into the MSP space,” White said. “We are expanding our channel into the MSP sector.”

“We are adding an MSP capability on top of our inSync platform, to provide functionality for MSPs,” Siragusa said. The 100 per cent cloud-based multi-tenant offering creates and manages customer licenses, providing co-branded central management.

Siragusa said that the strategy here is to expand significantly through MSPs in both the SMB and midmarket sectors, through a fairly select MSP channel. He also noted they would be looking at solution providers new to the MSP space.

“Many VARs are transitioning into MSP practices, but many of them who are doing so don’t own a ton of infrastructure,” he said. “That’s the type of MSPs we are looking at, not the MSPs who own their own data centre.”

Siragusa also indicated that while he expects some of the MSPs will serve the midmarket and the smaller enterprise, the big MSP play here will be with SMBs.

“We address all markets with our software, and we have some SMB customers now, although most customers are enterprise,” he said. “MSPs though will really be able to address the SMB market.”

While some data protection vendors take a ‘more the merrier’ approach to MSP partners, Siragusa indicated that is not Druva’s philosophy.

“We are being selective with our partners, although we will certainly talk with people,” he said.

The PartnerSync program for MSPs offers predictable recurring revenue with good margins, deal registration, MSP and customer co-branding, a dedicated account manager, and support from Druva.

“The biggest thing is adding a stream of revenue that remains constant, and doesn’t go down,” Siragusa said. “The margins are good because a lot of MSPs haven’t addressed the endpoint space. We built in deal registration to not only protect margins but to protect deals. As we continue to add more partners, we will continue to scale deal protection. We also make on-demand training available through our MSP admin portal so partners can get up to speed quickly.”

“MSP partners can get access to a best-in-class solution for endpoint backup, that is top-rated by Gartner,” White said. “They can build a business around it.”