Network management report highlights managed network service opportunity for MSPs

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Twenty-nine percent of IT professionals question the ability of their corporate network to meet the needs of the business they work for, according to a recent network management report.


Auvik Networks surveyed 332 in-house IT administrators across the US and Canada to ask  about network management practices and challenges. The results, published as Network Field Report 2015, reveal that many companies are running risks with their IT.

network-operations-report-2015-configuration-knowledgeFor example:

  • 57% of the IT pros surveyed lacked a full picture of how their networks are configured
  • 29% never or rarely backed up their network configuration
  • 33% never or rarely updated their documentation
  • 47% did no proactive network planning

In the event of an outage, these businesses are vulnerable. It would take them hours, if not days, to restore their networks to a working state.

Taken together, these findings point to a major opportunity for MSPs to step in with comprehensive and proactive managed network services.

Today more than ever, the network is the linchpin of nearly every business. It connects employees to applications and data that reside in the cloud. If there are issues with the network, business grinds to a complete halt.

Company leaders may not even be aware that their network — and therefore their business — is at risk.

The facts included in the Network Field Report make a compelling case for a small or mid-sized business to outsource its network operations to an MSP with the tools and network expertise to mitigate network business risk.

You can download a complete copy of Network Field Report 2015 here:

Alex Hoff is vice president of product management at Auvik Networks. Auvik’s cloud-based network operations software helps MSPs build a profitable managed network service.