Toronto’s Jatheon signs first distribution deal with Tech Data Canada

The deal follows a successful soft launch last year which saw Jatheon appear at several of Tech Data's cross country Business Builder tour events.

Jatheon, a Toronto-based maker of information and email archiving solutions, has signed a distribution deal with Tech Data Canada, which will see the distributor become a new channel to take Jatheon’s information archiving solutions to market.

Jatheon has been in business since 2004, and has a strong partner ecosystem and partner program, but they have not previously used distribution here before.


Paul Wilkinson, Director, Product Management, Tech Data Canada

“This is a net new relationship for us,” said . “They have not gone through distribution before. Last year, we did a soft launch with them, and they were in some of our Business Builder events. They got a good response from resellers, and so have come on formally. They look at this as an opportunity for us to help them get more feet on the street.” Jatheon products will still require authorization to resell through distribution.

A Jatheon strength in the market is that their appliances are both enterprise grade, and simple to implement and use. As a result, they have broad market penetration, from large enterprises down to companies with as few as 50 employees. Their scalable cCORE hardware is combined with their ERGO software, which features sophisticated search and custom policy capabilities. They also offer a strong technical support plan and 24 x 7 monitoring with the solution.

“Their solution is strong on both price and ease of use, and the fact that they are also Canadian is nice for us,” Wilkinson said. “It’s an on-premise hardware-based appliance solution, and that also has appeal in certain compliance markets, which have strict regulations about the product and information being required to be on-prem, in the company’s control.”

“We look forward to working closely with the Tech Data team and their resellers in 2015”, said Pierre Villeneuve, Jatheon’s CEO.  “Resellers who deploy a Jatheon solution will help their customers cut the cost of email search, e-discovery and archival storage. HR, legal and compliance staff will be alerted and discover, quickly, whether any sensitive information has been leaked.”

Wilkinson said that archiving had not been a major area for Tech Data in the past, and that they expect Jatheon will drive some business there.

“We haven’t done a ton in this area, but it fits in with some of the other pieces that we do, like security and compliance, and there seems to be a strong opportunity here.”