New Year’s Series: Video with Dave De Abreu, Cisco Canada

2014 was a big year for Cisco and its partners. It saw the debut of Intercloud, a massively expanded push on the Internet of Everything as a major business opportunity both today and in the future, and closer to home, new leadership for Cisco’s Canadian operations, among other major developments.

And heading into 2015, Intercloud and IOE continue to loom large as growth opportunities for Cisco’s partners as the company gets ready to host its annual Partner Summit right here in Canada, with partners from around the world coming to Montreal this April.

I sat down with Cisco Canada channel chief David De Abreu to discuss all this and more as part of our New Year’s series of videos and podcasts with key channel players and sponsors.

The New Year’s Series will continue later this week with our podcast interview with Brian Aebig, general managet of Avnet Technology Solutions in Canada.