HP announces HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA

Frances Guida, managed of ConvergedSystems at HP.

Frances Guida, managed of Converged Systems at HP.

HP has announced HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA, a portfolio of integrated systems designed to provide a platform to enhance SAP HANA platform, SAP’s in-memory database for big data and analytics.

“This reflects the convergence of two tech trends,” said Frances Guida, Manager of Converged Systems at HP. “One is in-memory computing, to give insight into large amounts of data, But building a platform that can handle it can be daunting, so we have the second trend of integrated systems, which combine to form ConvergedSystem for SAP Hana.

“Customers want purpose-built in-memory computing with very fast ROI, and this converged system provides that.” Guida added.

The offering has three components.

The HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA helps speeds time to value for analytics and data warehousing workloads, and can be operational in as few as 15 days. Its HP ProLiant Gen8 server and HP 3PAR storage feature workload prioritization technology that let clients consolidate different SAP HANA workloads to run on the same system without impacting performance. Configurations range from 256 gigabytes to 2-terabyte scale-up systems within a single memory pool, and up to 16 terabytes with scale-out systems that bridge memory across systems.

The second component, HP Serviceguard for SAP HANA, ensures service levels by with an automated failover and disaster-tolerant solution for SAP HANA that helps protect clients against unplanned downtime. Guida said that at this time, this is the only such failover solution in the industry for HANA.

Both HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA and HP Serviceguard are expected to be available this spring. The third element of the package — HP’s “Project Kraken” — will not be ready then. It is slated to ship later in 2014.

“Project Kraken will allow clients to run the largest SAP HANA instances, with up to 12 TB of memory in a single pool,” Guida said. “It’s for very large business applications.”

Guida said that the delay in making the third component available will not be problematic, because of the nature of the solution.

“This kind of project takes much more than having the box in place,” she said. “There are business process and architecture questions customers need to answer. We provide them with the details of what they need to know. They are able to start now and plan for it so they can get it up and running.”

So how much of this business is likely to go through HP channel partners?

“It depends how it’s measured — by total business volume or number of engagements,” Guida said. “If you look at total business volume, the numbers will make it look mainly direct because there will be some very large direct deals. But if you look at it from a number of deals perspective, there are plenty of mid-size opportunities that can be handled by our partners.”

Guida also stressed that this is targeted at much more than HP’s Big Data-focused Vertica partners.

“It is targeted at the SAP install base, which is vast, so many partners can take advantage of this, who have customers with analytics and data warehousing needs,” she said.  “HANA and Vertica do different things, although they are certainly complementary. This is a great next step for partners, because there are plenty of services they can wrap around this.”

HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA is expected to be available this spring for a starting price of $87,787 including HP support and deployment services. HP Serviceguard for scale-up configurations is expected to be available this spring for a starting price of $38,980 including HP support. Pricing for Project Kraken is not yet available.

This article originally appeared on eChannelLine.com.