NetSuite Partners ERP Guru and Enabled Success Merge

ERP Guru president Martin McNicoll

ERP Guru president Martin McNicoll

Two of NetSuite’s top partners are coming together as Montreal-based ERP Guru has announced a merger with Ottawa’s Enabled Success, further cementing ERP Guru’s status as one of Canada’s largest NetSuite-focused solution providers.

Although ERP Guru is no stranger to mergers, having over the past few years acquired or merged with partners out of Toronto, St. Louis, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, the purchase of Enabled Success is “by far” the company’s largest purchase to date. The move is one that’s sure to turn heads in the NetSuite channel community. Enabled Success was the company’s channel partner of the year in 2010, and ERP Guru took that same crown in 2012.

As well as traveling in the same circles for some time, the two companies share a deeper connection. In fact, ERP Guru president Martin McNicoll credits Enabled Success founder Paul Doucet as one of the main reasons ERP Guru exists.

“When I was looking at joining the NetSuite program in 2005, [NetSuite channel chief] Craig West introduced me to Paul, and Paul introduced me to the channel,” McNicoll said. “He’s the one I did my due diligence with at the time. He convinced me to join the program.”

And now, McNicoll has convinced Doucet, and his partner Enabled Success CEO Walter Merkas, to join them. In large part, it may have been a function of growth. Both companies have expanded rapidly in both Canada and the United States, and McNicoll said Enabled Success found itself in a situation where it was “overselling its capabilities to deliver.” A nice problem to have, but one that left Enabled with two options – look to expand like ERP Guru has, or join them.

“They have a great customers base and great capabilities,” McNicoll said. “They were selling great, but having trouble delivering. We’ll give them the tools they need to support their large customers and to go after other deals.”

The deal came together over the last two months, and the plan is for the Enabled Success brand to continue at least through the end of the year, although Doucet, Merkas, and four consultants will all become ERP Guru employees and the company’s Ottawa operations will be re-branded as ERP Guru by 2014. Customer contracts are already being transitioned, McNicoll said, and he’s already been in touch with most of Enabled’s key customers.

Enabled brings ERP Guru further strength in Ontario, one of its key priorities for expansion. In May, the company purchased Toronto-based NetStra, its first foray into the province. The companies also share a focus in various U.S. markets. All told, with the acquisitions considered, McNicoll said ERP Guru is on pace for at least 80 percent grown 2013 over 2012.

The company is also trying something new in growing its U.S. business. While acquiring niche partners has been the company’s modus operandi in the past, McNicoll said he’s hired resources to serve as consultants and project managers in Tennessee and Colorado. Those new staff will be based out of home offices for the time being, and will support ERP Guru customers in their respective regions. While McNicoll is adamant that the beauty of reselling cloud-based software, like NetSuite, is that customers can buy from a partner anywhere in the world, he maintains that local touch is ultimately very important in supporting customers.