Single-driver solutions deliver multiple returns for reseller partners

Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison, vice president of commercial sales for IPG at HP Canada

SPONSORED CONTENT — When it comes to printing, reseller partners are faced with the challenge of ensuring their customers have uninterrupted access to a printing network made up of a mixed bag of devices, installed at different times (sometimes years apart), and in many cases from different manufacturers. Adding to this difficult task are the multiple versions of software and firmware installed on each device, and the ongoing additions and subtractions of devices from the network as new printers are launched and older units become obsolete.

A universal print driver simplifies the management process by using a single driver compatible with almost any printing device. HP Universal Print Driver not only allows new devices to be seamlessly added to an IT environment, it allows older legacy devices to be integrated into a new printing infrastructure. For reseller partners, the impact that HP Universal Print Driver can have on return on investment for their customers is difficult to ignore.

Eliminate multiple setups

In terms of the bottom line, a multiple-driver environment is more expensive for reseller partners to maintain for their customers. Usually customers with multiple print drivers have different print servers to help manage printing queues. As a customer’s business grows, so do the costs of additional print servers. Additionally, print server overload, troubleshooting, and upgrades or migration are quite time-consuming.

HP Universal Print Driver helps reduce the back-end and front-end management costs of printing by helping make printers easier to install, locate, and monitor. For example, as technology changes, HP Universal Print Driver updates itself. It is also compatible with versions of operating systems dating back to 2000.

Reduce IT costs

HP Universal Print Driver allows reseller partners to help their customers significantly reduce IT costs. According to a recent InfoTrends study, HP Universal Print Driver deployment can reduce the time spent managing drivers by 50 per cent, reduce the time spent integrating printers by 75 per cent, and reduce the time spent adding new printers to the network by 30 per cent.

The InfoTrends study also discovered that the average IT department received 20 per cent fewer help desk and printer-related support calls in the first three months of using HP Universal Print Driver.

Improve the user experience

HP Universal Print Driver helps reseller partners provide their customers with full access to the features of nearly every device in the managed printing environment whether they’re in the office or on a business trip. Instead of needing to download a new driver for each printer, the dynamic and mobile printer support affiliated with HP Universal Print Driver helps make it easier for reseller partners to find and connect their customers to the printers in their network.

Once connected, the driver uses bidirectional communication to identify printers and accurately display device information. Advanced options such as automatic two-sided printing, input trays, and finishing features will also appear.

For customers with mobile employees needing to print somewhere close by, the driver will initiate a search, suggesting the best printer to meet their needs. HP Universal Print Driver is an excellent option for reseller partners supporting customers with a global fleet as most are available in many different languages and support both Microsoft and Citrix systems.

In addition, features such as customizable lists help customers save and store frequently used printers without reseller partner assistance. For example, HP’s Managed Printer List, groups printers by: location, department, features (colour or advanced finishing), and printer type. During the print process, customers can view print status information in real time and find out when their print job is ready without having to waste time standing beside the printer.

By deploying a single, universal print driver, reseller partners can help make their customers’ printing infrastructure less complex and significantly less cumbersome to manage, while at the same time, creating an improved user experience.

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