QuickVid: ChannelBuzz.ca editor offers eCNTV 2012 predictions

At the recent Reseller’s Choice Awards gala in Markham, Ont., TechnoPlanet president and event host Julian Lee caught me on camera, and asked my thoughts on what 2012 poses for the channel.

Since I’ve shoved a camera in front of so many of you in the past, and asked you much the same kind of questions, I figured it only fair I share the result.

I’d love to get your thoughts. Am I right? Even close? Did I “lay up” too much with the easy picks for trends? Talk back in the comments and let me know.

Here’s the video, courtesy of eCNTV. Just remember: doctors make the worst patients, and journalists make the worst interviewees.

Julian Podcast with Rob Dutt 2012 from eCNtv on Vimeo.