Managed Services

Huntress launches free Microsoft Defender-based managed anti-virus service for partners

Huntress’ Managed Antivirus enables centralized management of Defender across multiple domains, which Defender does not do natively, and gives partners opportunities to strengthen their existing AV management or use the service to recommend customer changes in the use of their budget.

SolarWinds MSP President Pagliuca lays out plans at online partner event

While 2020 has been a hideous year for most, it has generally been a good year for many MSPs’ bottom lines, if not their work-life balance. John Pagliuca gives his assessment of the year, and what the company – whatever it is called after the impending spinoff – will be doing for MSPs in the year ahead.

Centreon reinvents global partner program to impart lessons of partner-first subsidiary in North America

Centreon is based in France and has sold open source-based IT infrastructure monitoring for 15 years through a hybrid model, but the subsidiary set up in North America in 2018 was channel only, and the changes to the global program come from that subsidiary’s lessons about partner needs.

Acronis CEO pledges massive data centre expansion in reaction to cloud and MSP-centric world

In a preview to his keynote today at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit, Serguei Beloussov said that traditional backup and traditional resellers are obsolete in a world of cloud and MSPs, and Acronis is expanding its infrastructure and partner enablement to respond to that change.