Aim Security raises $10M to secure Generative AI enterprise adoption

Aim Security harmonizes the use of generative AI within security environments, something that security vendors have not been doing, and which leaves customer security vulnerable as a result.

Today, Israeli-based startup Aim Security is announcing their seed funding round for their new GenAI security platform, which takes a holistic approach to strengthen all Generative AI use cases and through that, strengthen security in a way that so far has eluded traditional security vendors.

Vendors already place a high priority on security, but now with the explosion of interest in generative AI, they are interested in that as well, but getting the two to work together effectively so far has been something of a challenge.

“I already see early adopters with generative AI who started over a year ago and have decided that they need to invest more in generative AI,” said Matan Getz, CEO and cofounder of Aim Security. “This year is the year for scaling up.”

Scaling up, however, also means that they need to improve their security controls.

“In almost every company I talk with, they want to invest resources, and security has a unique role in that journey,” Getz said. “At AIM, it’s important to help them become true business leaders and enablers. Usually security teams are blockers, not enablers, in this process.”

Getz said that while there is a flock of security companies, both large and startup, they aren’t true competitors  of Aim Security.

“I’m not competing with most of them,” he stated. “They haven’t that same focus on security and measurement, which are a key part of the problem. This is where all security problems start to be exposed, and it is the game of security vendors. Many traditional ones exist in the market and for them to adjust quickly to generative AI is quite complicated, because they already have a lot of solutions in place. The result is many blind spots. In addition, no one security vendor provides the data that will be sent.

Co-founders Adir Gruss [L] and Matan Getz of Aim Security

“It’s amazing that you have DLP players and firewalls and SaaS companies, but they don’t try and solve this problem,” Getz added. “It’s a new problem and we shine because there is a new pain in the market. Customers choose between the tools available. But there is a huge gap in those tools, and we make sure that it is safe and secure.”

Getz said that Aim Security’s technology is unique in the market.

“What’s special about our technology is that we provide a holistic approach which covers all the generative AI use cases – no matter where they are applied, and provides the customer with  guardrails and enforcement,” he noted.  “There are a lot of use cases around deployment. There are public tools out there, some of which are free to use. There are also enterprise use cases. We are able to cover all of these.”

While Aim Security can cover this broad range of use cases, out of the gate, they are looking more at the enterprise.

“We are focusing on large enterprises, and working with mature security organizations,” Getz stated. “They can leverage our existing security stack. However, in terms of industry, it’s relevant to any industry, including the highly regulated, health care, finance, and defense.”

Longer term, channel is a key part of the company’s go-to-market strategy, but in these early days, it isn’t there at this point.

“We are building our go to market team, and while channel is not there yet, we will implement channel opportunities in the upcoming year,” Getz said. “That is our plan.”

The $10 million in seed funding round was led by YL Ventures, with participation from CCL (Cyber Club London), the founders of WIZ and angel investors from Google, Proofpoint and Palo Alto Networks.