HYCU partners with Anthropic around new HYCU Generative AI Issue

Subbiah Sundaram, Senior Vice President, Products at HYCU

Today, data protection as a service vendor HYCU is announcing the HYCU Generative AI Initiative. The Initiative is designed to seamlessly integrate generative AI technology, specifically Anthropic’s AI assistant Claude with HYCU’s R-Cloud data protection platform, In so doing, the initiative places HYCU at the forefront of integrating AI in data protection.

HYCU R-cloud was launched in April 2023, using a  low code environment and partnerships with vendors with capabilities to autodiscover SaaS applications in order to protect customers with a scalable and simple way to create SaaS integrations.

“The reason that we did R-Cloud was the need to protect so many areas,” said Subbiah Sundaram, Senior Vice President, Products at HYCU. “In the as-a-service world, it’s a shared responsibility model where data is your responsibility, with the result that 77% of data is not protected. R-Cloud was a way that allows you to add new development services on the fly. and we now support over 64 services today.We want partners to be excited about selling it. and we want to make it easy for customers to consume these application. \our NPS is now over 90, but we don’t use it as a marketing thing. We take actions based on it.”

Sundaram said that Anthropic was highly complementary to HYCU’s R-Cloud.

“Their team was part of Open, he indicated. “They wanted to create a brand new company with a safer AI. There is a very real synergy between what we are trying to do and what they are trying to do. We are both focused on making a safer AI.”

Combining Anthropic’s Claude model with HYCU’s security-centric design results in an AI-driven development process which evolves the platform into an intelligent, responsive, and adaptable development environment.

“It’s possible because of the way our platform is built,” Sundaram noted. “Because we are elastically containable, we can do things on the fly without making any fundamental shifts to the platform.The whole idea is to make it easy to add support for SaaS, by taking their core model and fine tuning it with our own.” The integration allows Claude to fully understand the nuances of compliance, encryption, and recovery protocols, custom-tailored for HYCU’s platform.

The integration also significantly reduces development time.

“Last year we signed up a lot of developers to speed up the development process, by helping them build on top of HYCU for Gen AI data protection>” Sundaram said.This integration significantly cuts down the development time for data protection integrations from weeks to hours.”

Anthropic is the only planned Gen AI integration partner in the HYCU Generative AI Initiative, but Sundaram noted that partners can effectively use others if they want.

“Anthropic is a general purpose large language model, where we have taken the base model and made it specialized,” he said. “Lots of our other partners can leverage what we are doing and build on top of us.”

The initiative is also important for HYCU’s channel, Sundaram stressed.

“We work with the Atlassian community quite a bit. and over 30 have signed up.” he said. “The hard part is training them to be HYCU champions. They are extremely active in sharing us with their community, and many of them are also dealing with our cloud to generate additional value. In the AI stack,we help customers protect their core data with solutions like enterprise backup for Pinecone and for Redis.”