HP unveils two new print platforms for today’s office with LaserJet Managed E800/E700 series

The new portfolio is designed for more flexible layouts to meet the demand of new office and market trends.

Today, HP has announced the forthcoming availability of two new printer platforms, the LaserJet Managed E800/E700 series. These machines, as well as harnessing up to date technology, have been designed with an eye to satisfying what HP believes to be the way that employees want to work in the post-pandemic era.

“To assess the trends driving strategy, we commissioned an HP survey [done by Morning Consult in March 2022] which found that workers miss their office printers more than happy hour,” said Carles Farre, Global Head of Print Services and Solutions at HP. 57% of the respondents said that they missed their office printers.

“We are coming back progressively to offices, and these officers will be very different,” Farre said. “It requires reimagining layouts and shared experiences to accommodate new ways of working and which will create an engaged loyal workforce.”

The survey found that the office remains the preferred location for collaboration for 90% of respondents. It also found that they wanted other possibilities, however. This reflects the fact that 56% print from home, or on the go. “It also reflects the fact that 72% expect to increase their use of cloud print management by 2025.

“This requires a phenomenal new platform, which needs to be truly new  to address the needs of the new office and market trends,” Farre said.

The HP LaserJet Managed E800/E700 portfolio of multi-function printers is designed to meet these needs, supporting and inspiring a productivity-focused hybrid workforce, with intelligent solutions that can make work flow faster.

The new FLOW 2.0 features present in these models include the ability to make edits directly to content on the control pane, such as highlighting or redacting, as well as customized shortcuts. Innovative Reverse and Retry technology detects and resolves double feed issues

“These machines are also less costly,” said Matt Schotten, Senior Director, Enterprise Print Portfolio at HP. “They are simple to use and easy to manage, and produce less waste than earlier models, so they are ideal for those looking for a sustainably sourced product to reduce carbon footprint.”

They are also more mobile than their predecessors.

“These can be pulled out of print and mail rooms into broader spaces,” Schotten stated. “They allow thinking about how printers fit into modern office design.”

The new portfolio allows for up to 70ppm and 300 ipm duplex scan speed, powered by HP’s custom designed quadcore processor.

“We have also put incredible innovations into TCO and serviceability, such as increasing the life of consumables by 49%,” Schotten added. “Service call time needed has also been reduced by 50%.”

Modern design features include five colour panels to match office decor and HP Flex Build for flexible configurations to meet different business needs.

“These colour panels are real conversation starters,” Schotten said. “Flex Build tailors a device to unique customer needs, such as if they need a keyboard or not,  a larger screen, or a faster scanner.”

Schotten also highlighted the value the new portfolio will have for the channel.

“Early customer and partner feedback have been amazing,” he said. “These are purpose built for the solution-led sales that the channel delivers, and they bring fresh energy to the channel as a result.”

The HP LaserJet Managed E800 series is expected to be available in North America on August 1, with expanded availability expected in select countries in Europe in October. The series will continue to roll out to additional countries this year and next. The HP LaserJet Managed E700 series is expected to be available in North America in September and select countries in Europe in October. The series will continue to roll out to additional countries this year and next.