Hybrid work, education drive very strong ViewSonic Canada first quarter

The gains were similar to those in the U.S, which is impressive because the Interactive Flat Panel business is more advanced in the U.S. than in Canada.

Deidre Deacon, General Manager and Channel Chief for ViewSonic Canada

ViewSonic Canada has reported 40% year-over-year growth, and 33% year-over-year growth for the quarter, gains which come at the expense of the market overall and which are based on demand for visual solutions across hybrid work and education markets. Sales have also been accelerated by new sales and programmatic initiatives.

“We have taken a lot of share during the last year, including two consecutive years of growth like this,” said Deidre Deacon, General Manager and Channel Chief for ViewSonic Canada.

Deacon said that the Canadian numbers were on par with the U.S., even though Canada trails the U.S. significantly in IFP [Interactive Flat Panel] sales.

“The IFP business in the US is about a year ahead of us, although we are starting to see that business grow as well here,” Deacon indicated.

The transition back to the office, together with the continued hybrid presence with a portion of the workforce remaining at home, has been good for ViewSonic’s business.

“It is really helping to strengthen our interactive panel business,” Deacon indicated. “When the team comes in, they go directly to the interactive panel. They then use software to pull in people from home, so that it becomes more of a collaborative tool. It allows people in the office and remote to connect easily with the people in the office.”

During the quarter, ViewSonic introduced a range of new visual solutions across all categories including commercial displays, interactive flat panel displays and whiteboarding software, desktop and gaming monitors, and projection display systems. These displays, with the latest interactive and touch technology, covered the gamut of screen sizes – from 15”to 98.”

Supply this year is also abundant.

“Everyone had supply chain issues last year, but in the last few months we have seen a tremendous supply influx into both the U.S. and Canada,” Deacon indicated. “With interactive panels, we have a ton of stock to close the education year.”

ViewSonic has built on this momentum by adding new financial incentives for partners to its channel program.

“We are never the lowest price, but we did move to more competitive pricing by making price moves in May,” Deacon said. “We took an aggressive stance on a number of SKUs in the monitor category, as well as large format.”

Other new financial rewards and incentives were also added.

“We have become more aggressive with spiffs and incents for resellers to partner with ViewSonic now that we are back on the road,” Deacon indicated.

The ViewSonic channel program also provides partners with monthly rewards and rebates on focused lines of business, and volume pricing opportunities.

“These include bounties and a first time buyer program that has good pricing through distribution for partners,” Deacon said. “We also provide reseller webinars to partners.”

Finally, ViewSonic announced an expansion of their Canadian sales team. Don Kwan, based out of Vancouver, will increase ViewSonic’s presence in the western region.

“This addition of an additional resource for western Canada now brings us to a total of six people,” Deacon indicated.