Trend Micro launches first unified cybersecurity platform with Trend Micro One

Trend Micro’s unified new platform enables a risk management cycle around everything, and starts with nine third party vendors who are also on the platform.

Today, cybersecurity vendor Trend Micro is announcing the launch of Trend Micro One a unified platform that consolidates Trend Micro’s existing platforms, and brings them together with third-party vendors. These include Bit Discovery, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, Slack, Qualys, Rapid7, Splunk, and Tenable.

“This pulls Cloud One and other products into a common platform,” said Wendy Moore, Vice President of Product Marketing at Trend Micro. “What makes it a platform is that we enable a detached risk management cycle around everything. There are all these different digital surfaces, which require managing an attack surface which is continually growing. We work with this framework which brings together all three protection products that we deliver. The first step is discovering the attack surface. The second part is assessing the risk and business impact of a successful attack. The third part is threat mitigation and response

“We have had different elements of the platform for parts of our business, but this is the first time we have unified them all, bringing them together in lifecycle management,” Moore stated.

The nine inaugural third party vendors represent an attempt to create a strong ecosystem on the platform. This has been tried by other vendors some years back, without much success, but Moore said conditions are different today.

Wendy Moore, Vice President of Product Marketing at Trend Micro

“It’s the phase that the market is at today as well,” she indicated. “The ability to handle large volumes of data is different that it was five years ago. The technology that enables you do deal with massive volumes of data is much better. An organization’s attack surface is much bigger now. It was easer before people were working from anywhere, and working direct to the cloud. The attack surface has gotten more massive and more complex. We have had lots of relationships with third party vendors, but this is the first time that we have put them into a platform.”

Moore emphasized the important of the risk management cycle that Trend Micro One brings to the table.

“Others have focused on determining the attack surface risk management lifecycle – but they just assess risk,” she said, “Then you had to have  a plan to mitigate that risk. We continually complete that ongoing risk management lifecycle.”

Looking ahead, Moore identified the two top priorities for Trend Micro One going forward

“One of our areas of focus is continuing to expand our ecosystem, and we will continue to expand those third-party integrations, which will enable us to see more of their attack surface,” she said. “We also want to continue simplifying the live of Security Operations teams, who are constrained by so many tools that don’t work together. We give them recommendations on what they do next if they see things, and we will continue to bolster that.”

Moore said that the new platform will provide new opportunities for channel partners.

“The way we see it, channels differentiate themselves with services,” she stated. “A platform that gives a complete view of risk posture provides a wealth of information with which they can build services for customers to grow their own revenue.”