HP integrates newly acquired Teradici technology to create HP Anyware for digital workspaces

The new solution, now available in beta, integrates Teradici CAS and HP ZCentral Remote Boost into a new HP Anywhere offering that will provide secure access to digital workspaces from any mix of infrastructure to any device.

Teradici, which invented and still provides the PCoIP [PC over IP] protocol was acquired by HP in a deal that closed at the beginning of October last year. The strategic vision, clearly outlined at the time, was to integrate the two companies’ remote computing software to create a stronger unified offering. Today, they are announcing the completion of the first stage of that process, with the release of the beta of HP Anywhere, a new offering that integrates Teradici CAS and HP ZCentral Remote Boost features into a single solution. It gives companies secure access to end-user devices like PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and thin and zero clients from any combination of their cloud, data centre, edge, OS, or workstation infrastructure.

“This is the first time that we are wrapping everything up under a new single brand,” said Ziad Lammam, Global Head of Teradici Product Management, HP. “HP acquired Teradici last October 1. The first thing we did was announce a single subscription for December 2021, but at that point, we hadn’t talked about the new brand or about combining the new products together.”

HP Anywhere is the realization of that vision.

“This brings the best of ZCentral Remote Boost features into Teradici CAS,” Lammam said. “We will unite more features over the coming months, focusing on features customers want derived from the heritage of both companies. HP Anywhere combined with the flexible CAS system has a vision of expanding value not just to high performance workstation customers – but also to knowledge and task workers.

The main target market for Teradici CAS was enhanced performance workstations, and that will continue to be the case, but HP sees this unified solution as expanding the market.

“Both HP and Teradici won Emmys for high performance workstations, but with HP Anywhere we can do a lot more, like leveraging public cloud edge data centres,” Lammam indicated. “There is a lot more that we can do to deliver solutions for the hybrid workforce.”

The solution is not really brand new in its essence, as it is similar to some Teradici offerings before they were acquired by HP.

Ziad Lammam, Global Head of Teradici Product Management, HP.

“It has been rebranded as HP Anywhere, but it has also augmented with capabilities from ZCentral,” Lammad noted. “HP Anywhere also has full PCoIP capacity from Teradici.” The PCoIP protocol enables the streaming of highly interactive desktop displays between hosts and end-user devices, pixel by pixel. All the PCoIP traffic is also secured by AES 256 encryption and Multifactor Authentication.

A major function of the new solution is to help organizations move away from slow and outdated VPN file transfers more quickly, notwithstanding the fact that the corporate move from VPNs has been slow, despite VPNs’ dated technology.

“It has been tough to do a full move off of VPNs, but a couple things are accelerating this,” Lammam said. “If you use a virtual cloud hosted desktop, you are offered the ability to securely access the corporate environment without a VPN, so  you no longer need a mixed environment. Secondly, there is actually now a current U.S. mandate to move to a zero trust mandate across the federal government. That will push demand for solutions like this, by removing device-centric authentication.”

The Teradici CAS solution was popular with partners and those same expectations are there for HP Anywhere.

“Partners have built on top of our solution,” Lammam indicated. “We enabled ISVs OEMs and public cloud partners to build on Teradici CAS, and that will be the same with HP Anywhere. From a value perspective, the software value is increased because there will be more that partners can offer through the software. Because we are also now part of the HP partner community, the number of partners selling this and the skills they can bring to it will grow.”

Lammam also noted that the Teradici partner integration into the HP Amplify program is almost done.

“As soon as we were acquired. we started integration into Amplify, and today it is very close to being complete,” he said.

General release of HP Anywhere is expected in the summer of 2022.