Axcient signs exclusive global distribution deal with Pax8 around flagship x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud solution

Axcient x360Recover has exceeded all the company’s sales expectations since its introduction a year ago, but its technology is relatively new, and the company believes a cloud distribution specialist like Pax8 will be best able to articulate ts value proposition to MSPs with reservations.

Axcient, which makes business availability software for MSPs, has announced that their x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud solution is now available globally through cloud distributor Pax8, its cloud distribution partner. Pax8 becomes the first distributor to offer Axcient’s x360Recover, which has been in general availability for about a year, to their channel partners.

Pax8 was the first-ever distribution partner for Axcient, which had dealt direct with its partners previous to that. Their original deal dates from August 2018, after Axcient’s 2017 merger with eFolder.

“We are also working with some others, like Chartec and D&H, but Pax8 is our most strategic partner around the cloud,” said Ben Nowacky, SVP of Product at Axcient. “We thought that working with them around X360Recover was the best fit for our goals. Pax8 makes it easy for MSPs to buy. Our customers also told us that the majority of them were already there with Pax8. So strategically, this was the smartest move for us.”

While the X360Recover solution has now been in general availability for about a year, and Pax8 has been distributing Axcient for much longer than that, Nowacky said that it necessarily took some time to get this offering ready to move through distribution.

“There was a lot of development that had to happen,” he stated. “We fully developed the product in the first half of the year, and developed the APIs for seamless integration with Pax8 in the second half of the year in order to get true cloud deployment capabilities.”

Axcient x360Recover offers MSPs full disaster recovery capabilities along with ease of management, simple and predictable pricing, and industry-leading RPO and RTO speed. Its AirGap technology separates data deletion requests from deletion mechanics, so data is always protected. Its AutoVerify functionality also ends manual backup verification by automatically virtualizing and testing for data corruption to ensure data is always ready to recover.

While it is a relatively new product, the company sees it as their flagship offering as they move forward.

“Its all around the evolution to cloud and it’s more than just backup,” Nowacky said. “Axcient is bult to protect against ransomware ad cyberattacks of today. It is our largest product from a feature standpoint. x360Cloud is a strong second, has been growing for over 30 months, and is continuing to grow, but it is more of a commodity product. Axcient is a backup and continuity product, and when you say Axcient, the idea is that you will associate it with the x360Recover product.”

Nowacky said that Pax8 is well positioned to drive x360Recover’s growth.

“The growth has exceeded company expectations so far,” he indicated. “We have gone from zero revenue to exceeding all of our sales goals in a year. However, there is still a challenge with hearts and minds, with some customers who are concerned because this is a new type of cloud product. So this isn’t simply a question of us building it, and customers all coming to beat down our doors to get it. This is where distribution can help. Pax8 can explain why this is so monumental, which will help it to grow even faster. They can help tell our story better around x360Recover, which should significantly accelerate its growth going into the rest of 2022.”