New ConnectBooster integration gives Zomentum partners automated credit card and ACH capabilities to get paid faster

For Canadian MSPs, the one limitation is that payments, while in Canadian dollars, are limited to credit cards, although the ACH integration in Canada may be forthcoming at some point.

Colton Schumacher, Product Manager at ConnectBooster

Zomentum, which makes a sales acceleration platform for MSPs, has completed an integration with automated payment solutions provider ConnectBooster. This integration boosts efficiencies across the “quote to payment” process and improves the experience for partners and their customers.

The two companies both specialize on different timeframes within the payment process, making their integration a logical one.

“ConnectBooster is focused on after the invoice is made and the collecting money on the invoice,” said Colton Schumacher, Product Manager at ConnectBooster, who oversees their strategic integrations. “Zomentum, on the other hand, is focused on the automation of the sales pipeline and focuses on the earlier stage of the process, before the first quote is sent. It’s a very symbiotic relationship.”

ConnectBooster’s platform is used by a broader selection of IT service providers than just MSPs, but it is used up and down the MSP ranks, from the smallest to the large.

ConnectBooster is great for small one-man shops or large MSPs who do millions in annual revenues per month,” Schumacher said. “For small shops, having that automation is incredibly important, so they can focus on getting new customers. We are adding to the platform all the time and have grand visions where it will go, although the core vision is still the automated collection of payments through the online customer portal. We are in the middle of releasing a new front end which will let us release more new features in 2022, but our main changes have been new accounting system integrations, with new ones added including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Sage Intacct.”

For Zomentum partners, the integration has value for those who don’t bill through their PSA provider

Ted Roller, Zomentum’s Channel Chief

“Billing directly from Zomentum streamlines payment efforts for MSPs who choose not to bill through their PSA,” said Ted Roller, Zomentum’s Channel Chief. “We wanted to support that choice as part of our continued commitment to build functionality for the entire channel ecosystem.”

The integration between the two companies lets clients to accept a project or service quote and make an immediate payment.

“The integration also drives efficiency, eliminating manual tasks and adding a level of automation that eliminates mistakes,” Roller indicated. “The speed increase varies based on the size and processes of the partner, but the goal is really saving time for partners.”

“The primary benefit for Zomentum MSPs will be enhanced cash flow,” Schumacher added. “By using the integration,  they will be able to get their money right away, instead of generating the invoice and the MSP then waiting weeks to receive payment.”

This is the first integration between the two companies, and Roller said it was prompted by a lot of customers asking for it. It also took some time in the making. The original intention a year ago was to roll the integration out in short order, but the decision was then made to add more to it than had originally been planned.

“The original approach was around baseline functionality – acceptance of credit card payments,” Schumacher said. “It was then decided to add ACH – electronic check payments. So the delay wasn’t created by any technical hurdles, but by adding something.”

Unfortunately for Canadian MSPs who work with both companies, the payment option is just limited to credit cards here for the time being, even though it does accept payment in Canadian dollars.

“The integration for US customers offers both credit card and ACH,” Schumacher said. “In Canada, it’s credit card only – but that could change in the future.”

Schumacher noted that it’s a quick and simple process for the MSP to integrate the two solutions.

“The online setup document is on their site, and found through a search for Zomentum,” he said. “It then takes about five minutes to get it up and running.”

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