HP enhances Amplify channel program with HP Amplify Data Insights

HP Amplify Data Insights provides data derived from HP, partners, and third-party sources to give partners insights that HP has not previously  been able to provide them.

Christoph Schell, HP’s Chief Commercial Officer

At the HP Reinvent event today, HP Inc. is announcing a major enhancement to the resources available to partners through their Amplify global channel program. Amplify Data Insights, available as of today on the HP Partner Portal, provides multiple ways for partners to turn data analytics into insights that will tell them more about their own business, about the needs of customers they work with today, and about how to best reach out to new customers with targeted marketing.

“Today we are redefining how the sharing of data can be leveraged to collectively deliver an experience-driven engaging and consistent customer buying journey,” said Christoph Schell, HP’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are introducing Amplify Data Insights, the industry’s most robust channel intelligence platform, on the partner portal today. With the release of this new platform, we are delivering on Amplify’s collaboration promise by turning HP and partner data into deeper insights.”

“We are very excited about the launch of HP Amplify Data Insight to our partners around the world,” said Luciana Broggi, Head of Global Route to Market at HP. “Amplify Data Insight is a realization of the promise to our partners when we launched Amplify a year ago.”

Broggi explained how Amplify Data Insight fits within the innovative nature of the Ampify philosophy.

“Amplify was the first of its kind – moving out of a model that was backward looking, but which was standard in the industry, where all the performance was based on the size of the partners, and drove the level of collaboration,” she said. “It moved to a model which was more future, and was focused on the experience we wanted to give to customers today and the future, and the capabilities we needed to have with the channel to do that.”

Broggi said HP simplified the program around two pillars, synergy and power.

“We work together, invest together and reward partners who made the choice,” she indicated. “We focus on how we can better collaborate, share information and build a model that is future ready and digital savvy.”

Broggi noted that 98% of HP partners have opted in to start sharing data under the program.

“That’s really a big success,” she said. “Partners have developed the tools and processes to share data with us. Our channel partners will have access to a rich set of data analytics that they can leverage to develop their businesses together with us.”

Mary Beth Walker, HP’s Head of Global Channel Strategy, fleshed out the details of what’s new.

“The Amplify Data Insights dashboard give partners ways to monetize data and supercharge their growth strategies in ways that we haven’t been able to provide in the past,” she said. “We combine the protected partner data that they provide to us with what we call a transactional data pact with HPs own sales data and what we know about the customer, and with extensive market research we purchase. We put all of that together to be able to deliver back to partners new information and deeper intelligence in ways that we haven’t been able to before, using over a billion data points that are updated weekly. It will help partners make decisions about their business that will make them more future-ready.”

Walker said three type of insights are provided.

“Descriptive insights help them understand their own performance relative to their own country and market,” she indicated. “It helps them evaluate their relative position in their channel landscape.”

The second category is predictive insights.

“These provide partners with future looking information about customers they do business with today,” Walked noted. “This includes purchase probabilities, engagement evolution and their buying intent. It helps increase partners’ understanding of customer needs and help them create unique offerings.”

Prescriptive insights are the third category.

“This takes information to a new level about providing recommendations around customers or groups of customers to create more targeted marketing actions,” Walker said. “This includes when to recommend upgrades, and propose new products, and identifying customers who would be more services-inclined as opposed to transactional.”

As of today, partners in all markets receive immediate access to the new platform through the HP Partner Portal.

“They will work with their partner business manager to understand how to best leverage it,” Walker said. “We have a very extensive support centre on the portal with tutorials, handbooks, use case scenarios, and PDFs, to get partners up to speed and make use of the insights. We will couple that with our own partner business managers who will be the conduit between these resources and how we create individual use cases for partners.

Walker said Amplify Data Insights will be relevant to a broad range of partners.

“Anyone within our commercial partner community, whether small or large, will be able to get insights to drive their strategies,” she indicated. “The profile is very wide ranging.”

“Partners with more propensity to use data through the whole digital lifecycle will be particularly well suited to optimize the usage of data,” Broggi added.