Aunalytics launches first Alliance Partner Program to highlight and support their analytics integrations

Aunalytics’ first program for strategic partners includes major ISVs, but also MSPs and other partners with joint solutions based on deep technical integrations.

Katie Horvath, Aunalytics’ VP of Marketing

Today, Insights-as-a-service provider Aunalytics is announcing their Alliance Partner Program, in order to highlight and grow their vendor ecosystem around the cloud native data analytics space. The program is designed for ISVs, technology vendors and other partners like MSPs with deep technology skills in a particular segment or vertical. It is not a sales-focused program to support reselling.

Although Aunalytics has been around since 2011, and is in a sector where strategic partnerships are common, they have not, somewhat surprisingly, had this kind of program before.

“There really wasn’t a formal strategic partner program before,” said Katie Horvath, Aunalytics’ VP of Marketing. “They were so incredibly busy working on solutions themselves that they didn’t develop a formal program to make the process easier and better support these technology partners. They were kind of doing it de facto, without giving it an official title.”

The problem with this, was that doing things under the radar caused a lack of awareness of Aunalytics’ role within the ecosystem.

“One of the goals here is to be able to bring attention to that,” Horvath said. “This announcement is designed to bring attention to the fact we have strategic partnerships as a company. These partnerships bring the right team of experts and technologies and tools. Sometimes we partner to get the right solutions for specific use cases, with ISVs, and sometimes clients need MSP-type services, so we bring them in to this program too. The other category of strategic partner here is companies whose technology we put into our stack.”

The Aunalytics Alliance Partner Program is under the company’s CRO, and the COO is also heavily involved. The program provides dedicated technical training and support, attractive margins for ISV partners, and marketing and promotions supported by dedicated marketing for partner success, including co-branded and promoted campaigns.

“The main thing to emphasize is that it is not a reseller program designed to expand our sales bench,” Horvath said. “It’s designed to help develop solutions for our clients to make meaningful use of the technology. It defines what our strategic relationships are with other technology companies. A product shouldn’t be measured by implementation deadlines, but by business outcomes. We feel this brings together the best tools, and also the best experts.”

Technology partners include Alluxio, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, Sophos, Veeam and VMware.

Horvath provided several examples of how MSPs fit into their strategic program.

“We have a large auto manufacturing client, and one of their digital transformation initiatives was moving to SAP S4 HANA,” she said. “We partnered with an MSP that was also a highly specialized services firm who specialized in the HANA skillet, migrations and implementations.”

Another MSP partnership is with a company with a deep focus on the energy sector.

“There, our technology is implemented creating their data models, which are very specific around industry knowledge in the energy sector,” Horvath indicated.