Amplitude announces series of major changes with major product rebrand, new Recommend product and new Amplitude Partner Ecosystem.

The Amplitude Partner Ecosystem, which is much more systematic than anything Amplitude has had before, includes both technology and Go-to-Market partners, and is designed to amplify the growth potential of the other initiatives.

Lisa Hopkins, VP of Partnerships at Amplitude

Today, Amplitude, which provides insight into the effectiveness of companies’ digital optimization strategies, is making a trio of major announcements. First, they are rebranding their core product, Amplitude Analytics, as the Digital Optimization System. Secondly, they are announcing the release of a new product, Amplitude Recommend. And finally, there are restructuring their partner ecosystem with the announcement of the Amplitude Partner Ecosystem, which brings both strategic technology partners and Go-to-Market focused resellers together in the same overarching program.

“With these changes, we are reframing who we are,” said Lisa Hopkins, VP of Partnerships at Amplitude. “It reflects all of the change in the last year, and how we interact with customers now, which has accelerated our growth and our journey. We are rebranding our core Amplitude product as the Digital Optimization System. We are releasing our new product, Recommend, as part of this announcement. It is an AI-based recommendation engine, which is also a self-service personalization engine, reflecting our preference to provide customers with as much self-service capability as possible.”

Amplitude, which was formed in 2012, has always focused on helping to optimize digital products for customers.

“What we do is give companies insights into how companies are interacting with them digitally,” Hopkins said. “Some companies, like DoorDash and Peloton, are entirely digital. Others, like Ford, are having to move into the digital world. All need insights to where they should place their bets in their digital business. We provide a digital optimization system that brings together data analytics and infrastructure to see how their customers interact with them.”

Their competition includes a variety of company types, depending on what Hopkins termed the persona and the use case, and includes companies like Mixpanel and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Their customers are all over the map.

“We do have large enterprises like Ford and PayPal as customers, but we also cover all the way down to startups,” Hopkins said. “We have an offering for VC firms.  We bring together data and analytics and infrastructure to look at all customer event data in one place. To make effective use of that capability, they need to want to ask questions about how to move their business forward, using data that’s usually held in siloes in other areas of the business.”

Hopkins said that helping companies to bring this about over a wide range of verticals requires a strong partner ecosystem, which is why the company is introducing the Amplitude Partner Ecosystem, which brings together more than 40 founding partners out of the gate.

“These organizations need the partners, and that’s where our new Amplitude Partner Ecosystem comes into play,” she stated. “It is both an ecosystem of technology partners, and also a set of solution partners to help around strategy.”

Most established IT vendors have a strategic partner program for vendors, and a channel program for resellers and other Go-to-Market partners. Hopkins said the specifics of Amplitude’s business model meant that it made more sense to combine them here, however.

“Customers tend to use Amplitude in conjunction with other vendor technology partners, so a key part of supporting that is bringing together all the partners with integrations,” she stated. “On this journey of folks making the pivot to their digital business, there is a lot of strategy that takes place from a solution partner perspective as well, so it made sense to bring them both together under one program. That way customers have a one-stop shop to find both integrations and strategic help.”

This ecosystem goes well beyond what Amplitude had had until now.

“We have had a partner program in place, but it was loosely defined, and was geared more to tech partners and writing integrations,” Hopkins said. “What we are looking to do with this is put a foundation in place, and to have the right foundations to add additional partner types as we grow. Structuring it so there is  room for growth is important. Recommend will open doors for a new set of partners, like digital agencies, who we traditionally have not worked with as much.  There are over 6000 MarTech vendors out there, and we have been working with only a small subset. The new personalization engine will open doors there as well.”

The Amplitude Partner Ecosystem’s founding member solution partners include Slalom, WWT Digital and Bottle Rocket.  Among the technology integration partners, marketing technologies integrations include Braze, Airship and Iterable. Attribution technology partners include Branch, AppFlyer and Singular. Customer Data Platform partners include Segment and mParticle.