Pulseway expands Remote Control support to macOS

Pulseway expands its Remote Control for Windows to also cover Macs, and plans to go beyond this to cover MacOS patching and third party patching for macOS, just as they earlier did for Windows.

Today, mobile-first RMM [Remote Monitoring and Management] provider Pulseway is launching its built-in Remote Control for macOS, and will now provide the same proprietary remote control that they already provided for Windows. The next step will be to add OS patching and third-party patching for macOS, in the same way that they did for Remote Control for Windows.

“Our Remote Control solution allows remote control into Windows systems, either through the remote control app we provide, or our Web application or through a mobile device, said Marius Mihalec, Pulseway’s CEO and Founder. “Now we are allowing our customers to do that with MacOS as well.”

Control for macOS uses the same proprietary remote control protocol that was developed for Pulseway’s Windows remote control that launched last year. It enables Pulseway customers  to be able to connect to any system from anywhere, regardless of the network topology, through MacOS as well as Windows.

“We have been working on this for a while, because the Mac market has been making its making its presence felt and is being used by our customers more than ever before,” Mihalec said. “Before, our customers served a market that was about 99.9% Windows. Now Macs are up to about 5-6% in our customer base, and that’s with close to 7000 customers. That’s still not a lot, but it’s all about coverage. In some organizations, the employees get to choose what device they use, and some are more comfortable with the Mac. This gives our MSPs the ability to cover 100% of the user base.”

Like the Windows Remote control, the MacOS one is also integrated into Pulseway’s platform.

“Because it is integrated into our RMM platform, it simplifies management and doesn’t require another tool to be deployed,” Mihalec stated. “We think this is the biggest advantage of this, especially at the present time. Because of the pandemic, we have seen quite a dramatic increase in remote control use across our customer base.”

Remote Control for macOS will allow Pulseway MSPs to replace a separate remote control tool for Macs, which is what they have been using until now to handle this issue.

“They no longer need the third-party tool,” Mihalec said. “We now provide unlimited remote control sessions with our own technology, so it simplifies the tools that MSPs use, and the licensing model, and it also saves them some money in the process.”

“We aren’t going to stop here,” he added. “We will add macOS patching and third party patching for the Mac as well. That’s the next logical step, given that we built third party patching for Windows.”

Pulseway Remote Control comes at no extra cost, supports an unlimited number of concurrent remote sessions and is available straight out of the box to all Pulseway business customers, with no configuration required. It is available now.

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