LogMeIn opens up LastPass to MSPs, introduces new GoToRoom hardware bundles

LogMeIn makes two unrelated announcements, expanding MSP opportunities in their Identity and Access Management business, and adding new hardware bundles for GoToRoom in their UCC business.

Rick Ribas, VP of Global Channel Sales at LogMeIn

Today, LogMeIn is making a pair of announcements, one impacting their Identity and Access Management [IAM] business, and the other involving their Unified Communications and Collaboration [UCC] business. The IAM announcement opens up their LastPass Enterprise password management and single sign-on solution to MSP partners. The UCC one makes new hardware bundles available for their GoToRoom huddle, conference and boardroom solution. These are from Poly, Dolby, Logitech and Extron.

The key element in the MSP announcement is the building of new sub-account functionality directly into LastPass, to provide a single view over multiple, uniquely managed LastPass accounts. This makes the solution administratively viable for MSPs.

“Currently we have several hundred MSPs, said Rick Ribas, VP of Global Channel Sales at LogMeIn. “It’s a newer venture for us, but this is a huge market. A lot of them are already selling our Rescue remote support products, and this will be a natural progression for them.”

LastPass is a core product for LogMeIn.

“It’s a huge differentiator for us,” Ribas said. “It’s the one that puts us into a top 10 SaaS company globally.”

Ribas said there is strong demand from MSPs for this offering.

“We did some test marketing before the launch, and we think this will take off like crazy,” he said. “It definitely will expand our reach, utilizing the experience of the MSPs to help us scale.”

The other announcement expands the hardware kit bundles available for LogMeIn’s GoToRoom offering, with seven new bundles, raising the total number available to ten.

GoToRoom is a newer solution, which hit the market in March of 2019.

“The core meeting functionality is similar to GoToMeeting, with the difference being that GoToRoom is an all in one videoconferencing solution,” Ribas stated. “With GoToMeeting, customers use their own cameras. GoToRoom adds hardware on a leased basis to make it an all-encompassing solution. Now for as low as $99 a month, plus the GoToRoom license, we ship and maintain the hardware for them. It makes it easier for the customer, and it ensures they get top quality microphones, and a more professional experience.” The price includes a full equipment warranty for the length of the contract, and customers own the equipment at the end of the term.

The original three bundles available were Dolby Voice Room, Poly Studio and Poly Trio 8500 +Eagle Eye 4. These have been supplemented with seven new ones. Dolby Voice Huddle, Dolby Voice Pro, Poly Studio X30, and Poly Studio X50 come from these previous partners. New partner bundles are Logitech MeetUp, Logitech Rally and Logitech Rally Plus, and Extron IP Link Pro control processor and TouchLink Pro touchpanel  and DMP Plus.

“For the partners, the real key here is that the additional bundles will make it easier to satisfy customers and sell GoToRoom subscriptions,” Ribas said. “There’s not a lot of money in the hardware equipment itself.”

Making it easier for customers to buy GoToRoom is essential in a market like today’s, where the pandemic has greatly increased the market opportunity for videoconferencing solutions.

“With the whole current world crisis, this is still taking off like crazy,” Ribas indicated. “Making things simple is what people are looking for. This is critical to the next phase of our work around videoconferencing solutions.”

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