Boomi further builds out reference architectures with Boomi Blueprint

Boomi situates the Integration Center of Excellence service they launched earlier this year into a fuller collection of services offerings, which will have a channel component.

Back in February, Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, introduced the Boomi  Integration Center of Excellence [ICoE] service, a professional services offering developed with Global System Integrators for the implementation of best practices. Today, they are announcing a much broader ecosystem, Boomi Blueprint, of which ICoE is one component, which greatly builds out their reference architecture portfolio for customers.

“Customers want to implement digital innovation, but don’t know where to start,” said Silvia Davis, Global Senior Product and Solution Marketing Manager, B2B solutions, at Boomi. “Sometimes they also have multiple siloes of IT and shadow IT. We put together all our best practices from our services, and created a library of best practices.”

Davis indicated that while Boomi had a best practices component in the past it was very light and limited to a single service.

“Now there is a catalogue with five new services and a library which partners and customers can leverage,” she said. “It’s not just technology, but focuses on people and processes as well, and indicates that areas need to be embedded in the processes.”

Davis also indicated that the services are designed to help with both long term strategic digital transformation projects, and shorter projects looking for increased efficiencies.

“This announcement is targeted not only at enterprises with a long-term digital journey, but also companies that need to find quicker ways in this disruption,” she said. “This can make both of these a reality.”

The Boomi Blueprint services are focused on three specific areas: leadership guidance, design practices and implementation practices.

“These all leverage modern application development and DevOps practices,” Davis said. “Companies can get our cookbooks and work with them themselves or with Boomi or with a partner. Whether they can do it themselves depends on the customer’s size and skill, but it’s generally best if they engage with a partner or Boomi.”

Leadership Guidance is all about the platform strategy service, for integration, data or both. It helps customers define their digital ambition, assess the current state and define the target state digital platform roadmap. Leadership guidance also provides the Digital Ideation Lab, a Boomi innovation pop-up lab where digital specialists will explore technologies, develop prototypes and create reference architectures for rapid business deployment.

“Design Practices is where we designed and implement the architecture,” Davis said. It has two elements, Platform Architecture and Platform Assurance. Platform Architecture provides appropriate architecture and process guidance for the iPaaS implementation. Platform Assurance assures existing implementations align with target state, roadmaps and standards.

The ICoE service is part of the third area, Implementation Practices. The goal here is to build, manage, and grow an ICoE tailored for each specific customer to make them an innovative digital enterprise.

Boomi’s own services people will play a major role in all of this, but Davis said there is a strong channel component as well.

“We are doing pilots with some of the GSIs,” she said. “They have their own processes to do assessments for digital transformations. System integrators can also take our recipes and expand on the processes.”