Komprise deepens integration in both cloud and on-prem NetApp environments

The cloud integration is a beta that enables easy migration between S3 and NetApp StorageGrid, while the on-prem one extends Komprise’s new Deep analytics to NetApp CloudVolumes ONTAP.

LAS VEGAS — Intelligent data management provider Komprise has announced a further deepening of their relationship with NetApp, at the NetApp Insight 2019 here. Two new capabilities were announced, one with a cloud focus, and the other directed more at on-prem. For the cloud, Komprise Data Migration now includes a Beta release of Amazon S3-based data migration to the NetApp StorageGRID, to simplify the migration of data across cloud platforms. For on-prem deployments, Komprise Deep Analytics now supports NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP as a source.

This is Komprise’s fourth Insight – pretty consistent attendance for a five-year old company.

“We have been strong partners of NetApp all of this time, and  we have a lot of mutual customers,” said Krishna Subramanian, Komprise’s COO. “We just finished a session with Qualcomm here who talked about how they used us both. Earlier, Yale University talked about how they used Komprise and Netapp together.”

Komprise originally came to market with an analytics-driven data management solution, which they had enhanced regularly over the past several years to add new capabilities and use cases. Their 2.11 release last month added a new Deep Analytics capability that searches across multiple storage platforms and clouds, to automate the process of finding unstructured data, and enable customers to get more value out of their data.

Subramanian said that since they have come onto the market, no one else does quite what they do.

“There are storage vendors who tier, or who do analysis on their storage – but on their storage,” she said. “Some move the storage on blocks, so that the metadata is locked into them. We on the other hand have evolved in the sense that whether you are cloud-first or hybrid or on prem, you can use us. With some vendors, cloud is like a religion. For us it’s right in some cases, but not in others.”

That broad philosophy explains the diverse focus of the two NetApp announcements.

The Beta release of Amazon S3-based data migration to the NetApp StorageGRID simplifies migrating object data across clouds.

“A lot of our customers use us to move NAS data, and now more customers are putting data in the cloud,” Subramanian said. What we are now announcing is an easy migration capability between any S3 source, and an S3 target, which now includes StorageGrid. Our migration can now do that for you.”

Komprise sells entirely through channel partners, and Subramanian emphasized the value this will have for them.

“What we announced here is a channel-friendly solution,” she said. “Data migrations are always painful. While NAS migrations are known to be painful – so are cloud migrations. This S3 to S3 capability makes it easy, and the channel can use it to deal with customers who are cloud-focused.”

The on-prem announcement extends Komprise Deep Analytics’ support of NetApp ONTAP sources to now also include NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Komprise Deep Analytics provides a single place to search across siloed storage platforms and clouds, and creates a virtual data lake of just those unstructured files that fit a customer’s specific user-defined search criteria.  The tagged data can then be exported to any analytics application the customer wants.

“We aren’t a Big Data vendor, but we do enable Big Data,” Subramanian said. “With this announcement, we now do this for have this Cloud Volumes ONTAP.”

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