That’s a Wrap on Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell EMC Canada's President of Commercial Sales Paul Katigbak gives his take on some of the major announcements from the recent Dell Technologies World event.

By: Paul Katigbak, President of Commercial Sales, Dell EMC Canada


Dell Technologies World was just over a month ago, and while the keynotes have come and gone, what we’ve learned about the changing world of technology and the ways Dell is helping businesses tap into these opportunities will stay with us forever. Well, at least until Dell Tech World 2020. From new partnership opportunities to debuting portfolios, to expansive thought-provoking discussions on the future of tech, the annual conference continues to be a “not-to-be-missed” event for the tech community. Dell Tech World 2019 showed us that there is an ever-expanding range of options for businesses looking to transform and achieve better outcomes.

Here’s a recap of some of the significant announcements that came out of this year’s event, drawing from the Dell Technologies family of businesses, products, and solutions, and its focus on accelerating growth and opportunities that businesses can leverage, from improving data capabilities, moving to more powerful cloud-computing solutions, or exploring the newly expanded partnership between Dell and Microsoft.


Partners in Transformation


The first big announcement that left people buzzing was news of Dell Technologies’ expanded partnership with Microsoft. As industry leaders, both organizations are dedicated to finding ways to address a wider range of customer needs, and are now able to offer a seamless suite of offerings to businesses to enable their digital transformation.


Collaboration between Dell Technologies, VMWare, and Microsoft now enables businesses to access a fully integrated cloud infrastructure and an agile, responsive digital workspace. This means their entire technology environment is now simpler to use and better primed to grow. By eliminating incompatibilities and redundancies in their digital environment, businesses can focus on driving performance, not micromanaging their toolset.


The former Dell EMC Partner Program, now known as the Dell Technologies Partner Program, can take full advantage of this new partnership, which means more opportunities for partners to improve their business practices, through education and training. New solution badges and solution competencies extending across the entire Dell Technologies family of businesses means that entrepreneurs will have the right skills to take these tools to market and differentiate themselves from the competition – a necessity in an increasingly crowded and fast-moving technology sector.


The Future of Digital Workspaces


During the conference, we also had an opportunity to reflect on where another year in the high-intensity, data-driven marketplace has brought us. We saw the need for improved solutions as businesses find themselves working with greater quantities of data than ever before, especially at the IT level, where demand for a responsive, streamlined environment is felt most.


With our new Unified Workspace, a cross-platform PC experience that brings together Dell and VMWare resources, IT professionals finally have the level of agility and personalization they need to work at their highest level. Representing a revolution in end-user focused computing, the Unified Workspace offers users better visibility and automation in managing applications, better tools for unified management, and data-driven insights into how PCs within their management network are being used. The result is less time spent managing small tasks and help-desk requests, and more time (and tools) for tacking transformational initiatives that can seed real organizational change.


Unlocking the Cloud


More than 70% of companies currently use multiple cloud environments, making the development of a multi-cloud strategy a common headache for employees working in data centres. The Dell Technologies Cloud made its debut this year, and is designed specifically to help navigate the diverse cloud landscape, offering a consistent infrastructure and interface across multiple environments. Using a hybrid cloud model, businesses can minimize complexity and achieve a reliable, consistent experience as they find new solutions to the challenges posed by working in a data-rich world.

This focus on consistency and streamlining also extends to those businesses still in the process of migrating to the cloud. Dell Technologies is offering solutions that fit into any IT landscape, whether they’re operating at the edge, in core data centres, or in public or private clouds. Businesses with a drive to grow and transform shouldn’t be handcuffed by operational inefficiencies along the way. Dell’s new suite of IT options is designed to support and enable organizations to leverage data capital to greater and greater degrees, no matter where they are starting from.


Facing the Future


Our world is transforming at a rapid pace and it’s because technology is becoming faster and more data-intense. Each year, our annual Dell Technologies World conference gives us a chance to reflect on the last 12 months, and re-evaluate how we’re setting ourselves up to innovate in the future.


Dell Technologies World 2020 will be here before we know it (May 4 – 7 in Las Vegas) and we’re looking forward to working with our partners and customers to achieve even more over the next year!



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