DH2i expands Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat relationships and adds new AWS and Docker partnerships

The expansion of the DH2i-Microsoft relationship is around Linux, while the DH2i partnership with VMware now covers VMware’s cloud solutions as well as on-prem.

Don Boxley, DH2i’s Co-Founder and CEO

Fort Collins CO-based container management software vendor DH2i has announced the addition of new elements within their Technology Partnership Program for strategic technology integrations. They have expanded their long-time relationship with Microsoft to Linux, and are now a Microsoft, SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery Partner. They also announced expanded relationships with both VMware and Red Hat. Two new technology partnerships were also made public. One is that DH2i has joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network as a Technology Partner. The other is a new Technology Partnership with Docker.

DH2i’s Smart Availability software utilizes Virtual Host technology that decouples databases and containers from the OS and IT infrastructures. This enables workload portability from any host, to any host, anywhere, at anytime, with intelligent health and performance monitoring, alerting, and automated orchestration built in. It also cuts down the number of operating systems needed to be licensed by a massive amount – typically between 3x and 10x. DH2i was originally focused on Windows, but last year expanded to support Linux as well, with a unified interface for Windows, Linux and Docker.

The new partnerships bring the number of DH2i’s strategic relationships to eight in total – a fairly small number in the type of space in which DH2i plays.

“We are a little more judicious in our strategic partnership strategy than most,” said Don Boxley, DH2i’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our focus is on the specific ecosystems that our customers are deploying, and making sure that our solutions fully support those key environments for us. It is a very customer-driven strategy.”

Both the Microsoft and Red Hat relationships also have a go-to-market component as well.

“Our other strategic partnerships are purely on the technology side, making sure that we are certified and work well together,” Boxley said. “We would like to expand the number of the go-to-market partners we have, to increase our presence. We have tried to engage Azure and Google Cloud as well, but we haven’t gotten the necessary traction there yet. We will keep trying, however.”

The expanded Microsoft relationship is around Linux.

“With their introduction of the Linux version of SQL, they got more active in reaching out for partners,” Boxley noted. “We always supported them on the Windows side. Now on the Linux side, they want a more robust partner ecosystem than they had previously.”

With Red Hat, DH2i is now certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. The expansion of the VMware relationship is more focused on the cloud.

“With VMware, we wanted to be able to leverage their cloud activities,” Boxley said. “Our relationship was around ESXi, and we hadn’t been involved with what they are doing in the cloud, which is of increasing importance for them. This takes our relationship and adds more areas we can partner with them.” DH2i is now a VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program member around the cloud, is certified VMware Ready, and is listed on the VMware Solution Exchange.”