ViewSonic deepens collaboration display portfolio with enhanced IFP60 series

ViewSonic also announced two new commercial displays, the The ViewSonic CDE8600, a large 86-inch 4K digital signage display, and ViewSonic CDX5562, a 55-inch model with narrow bezels designed to be part of a large video wall.

The ViewSonic IFP60

ViewSonic has enhanced their large format and interactive display solutions with a series of announcements made at the InfoComm 2018 ProAV show in Las Vegas.  They introduced a new generation of their IFP60 Series for workplace collaboration. They also unveiled two new commercial displays, including an 86-inch large display for digital signage installations.

While the workplace collaboration market continues to see an infusion of devices aimed at smaller groups, ViewSonic continues to do very well there with larger devices.

“The collaboration display market is growing,” said Noah Jacobs, National Business Manager at ViewSonic Canada.” In Q1 of 2018, we had 41.4 per cent of unit sales through U.S. distribution on collaboration displays of all sizes. This included two of the three best selling collaboration displays in the market. Our 65 inch was Number One and our 75 inch Number Three on sales through U.S. IT distribution.”

ViewSonic makes these IFP [Interactive Flat Panel] collaboration commercial display lineup in sizes from 55 inch at the small end to 86 inches at the top.

“A good sign of how this large format display collaboration market continues to grow is that from the 55 to the 86 inch models, we now have seven models in the space,” Jacobs said. “Two years ago, we had one – 65 inches.”

The IFP60 is an enhanced second-generation version of the product.

“Education is a big focus for this one in the U.S., and we are making headway in Canada, but more so in private schools than in public,” Jacobs said. “In the public schools, it’s just a funding issue. The Parent Teacher Association is very strong in the U.S., and there’s a lot more funding for education in the U.S. compared to Canada. The market for this model in Canada is really professional businesses like engineering firms, architecture firms and law offices. It replaces projectors and traditional whiteboards.”

The IFP60 comes in two models, the 65 inch IFP6560, and the 75 inch IFP7560.

“There’s no difference except for the size,” Jacons indicated. “The technology is the same.” He noted that in Canada, 65 and 55 inch interactive displays perform best because of price and size. The 75 inch devices, which is aimed at rooms of 25 and up, have a smaller market here.

The IFP60’s interactive flat panels come with pre-installed ViewSonic vBoard collaboration software and ViewBoard Cast. Users can also download the myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software, which brings some entirely new security features to this model.

“These displays now have enterprise level security with AES256 encryption and single sign on and single sign off capabilities,” Jacobs said. “These are both complete net-news.”

Another enhancement is new compatibility with Zoom software, which can be downloaded to the devices.

“Our myViewBoard software previously supported Office 365, Skype for Business, and Blue Jeans,” Jacobs noted. “Adding Zoom expands customer options.

“Encryption now joins our 4K resolution, our 20 point touch, and our out-of-the-box installed myViewBoard as key selling features,” Jacobs said. Jacobs also commented that the interactive displays in themselves were a strong door opener for ViewSonic’s non-interactive displays.

ViewSonic made two other major product announcements at the InfoComm show. The ViewSonic CDE8600 is an 86-inch 4K large digital signage model. It has 400-nits of brightness and wide viewing angles. It comes bundled with the vBoard collaboration software and ViewBoard Cast and vController software for collaboration and content sharing from any mobile device, as well as remote management through a PC server or laptop.

The other new model is the ViewSonic CDX5562 55-inch Commercial Display, with narrow bezel high-impact wall applications, a product made to be assembled within large multi-panel video walls in areas like public spaces, command and control centers, and transportation hubs. It features SuperClear panel technology for wide viewing angles, HD 1080p resolution, pre-calibrated settings, 700-nits of brightness, and dual 10W stereo speakers.

The IFP6560 is priced at $CDN 6,399, and the IFP7560 is priced at $CDN 9,999. Both will be available in Canada in July. The CDE8600 list price is $CDN 6,999, and it will ship this month. The ViewSonic CDX5562 55-inch commercial display is now available in Canada for $CDN 8,999.