Kaspersky Lab integrates three offerings into unified Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense

Kaspersky Lab sees its combination of solutions and a service as a highly differentiated offering to protect customers against targeted attacks.

The new KATA dashboard within the Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense solution

Today, Kaspersky Lab is announcing Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense solution, an integration of two existing Kaspersky solutions –Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack [KATA] and Kaspersky EDR [Endpoint Protection and Response] – and Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services, within a single platform.

Kaspersky Lab says that unifying these three offerings makes great intuitive sense because they are naturally complementary.

“We want to deliver full circle protection against advanced threats,” said Rob Cataldo, VP of enterprise sales at Kaspersky Lab North America. “Consolidating these three on one platform makes sense because they are very complementary to one another. KATA is crucial for elusive threats – which are only one per cent of the whole, but which are highly dangerous.” This version of KATA also has a redesigned dashboard showing a detailed overview of the status of periodic checks, the latest network and endpoint events, and incident information.

EDR gives increased visibility of unique threats to endpoints through the aggregation and visualization of key digital forensics data collected from sensors, as well as the ability to clean up infections remotely.

“EDR provides a more automated visibility into those unique threats and gives the ability to respond much more quickly,” Cataldo said.

“The services complement these two solutions,” he added. “Some organizations don’t have a threat intelligence team at all, so we can service a portion of that and do the hunting for them. Other organizations may have a SOC but not a threat intelligence team and we can help them become more efficient and more accurate.”

Cataldo said that the combination of these three solutions on a single platform will give Kaspersky Lab a differentiated offering.

“This level of full circle protection is unique in the market today,” he said. “I haven’t seen competitors bundle this combination of solutions together in a single offering. Even if they have the solutions, combining them as a bundle can be a challenge it they are stronger, say, on the services side than the product side. We have very strong offerings on both sides, which allows us to put together a great combination.”

The integrated offering is geared more at giving customers another purchasing option.

“Still, if we do our jobs right, we think a significant portion of the market will be interested in the combined solution,” Cataldo said. “Our reps are finding that more organizations are saying ‘not if, but when,’ as far as a targeted attack is concerned. That is the daunting concept that keeps them up at night. Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense can give them early indications of a sophisticated attack even though they don’t have the ability to fund a threat intelligence team of their own. The combination provides both a high level of efficiency at detection early, along with services personnel who understands the products they are being alerted about, and can determine if this is a true incident.”

Cataldo said that the combined offering won’t be for everyone, and that there will be individual scenarios where a particular solution might be more attractive to a customer than the total bundle.

“We still feel that the combination will be the best way to bring all three offerings to the marketplace,” he stated. “And while the pricing for any particular customer will be variable, purchasing all three solutions in the bundle will provide a significant discount.

The Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense platform is available now.