Cisco’s Connect North – The Next 150 [Podcast]

This week, the Podcast catches up with what’s next at Connected North.

The Connected North program, founded by Cisco Canada and now managed by Taking IT Global, aims to connect schools in northern Canadian communities with educators, cultural institutes, and other communities through the use of technology. It’s a project that the Canadian channel has been involved since its inception.

Just in time for Canada 150, Connected North has launched The Next 150, a fundraising effort to help it take the program to even more northern communities.

In this edition of the Podcast, we’re joined by Willa Black of Cisco Canada, and Michael Furdyk of Taking IT Global. Willa and Michael take us through:

  • the history of Connected North from its inception up to the present day;
  • how it works, and how many communities it’s connected to date;
  • why they’ve launched The Next 150 program, and what they’re trying to do;
  • where the program is going in the future;
  • how you, the channel community, can help; and much more.

You can find out more about Connected North, and The Next 150, on Cisco Canada’s web site.

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Robert Dutt

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