Virtustream Cloud integration into Dell EMC partner program to broaden channel take-up

Dell EMC partners now have full programmatic access to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, to the same degree they have access to their Storage Cloud.

Scott Millard, Virtustream’s channel chief

LAS VEGAS – Today at Dell EMC World here, Virtustream, one of the strategically aligned businesses in the Dell Technologies family, has announced that the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud (VEC) has been fully integrated into the global Dell EMC Partner Program.  It follows the according of similar status to the Virtustream Storage Cloud last December

“What this means is that Dell EMC partners can now partner with Virtustream and get the full Dell EMC partner program benefits for selling both Virtustream Enterprise Cloud and Virtustream Storage Cloud,” said Scott Millard, vice president, global channels and alliances at Virtustream. Millard had previously been VP of Sales for the Americas channel at EMC.

The alignment between the Dell EMC channel program and the other affiliated companies that had been part of the EMC Federation has traditionally been a loose one, but Virtustream’s different organization has made it a comparatively simple task to sync programmatic benefits.

“Virtustream is actually inside Dell EMC, so getting it all activated into our program was actually pretty easy, as opposed to the external companies like Pivotal and VMware where things are much more loosely aligned,” said Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President, Channel Marketing, Dell EMC.

“Dell EMC partners can now partner with Virtustream and get full Dell EMC partner program benefits, including tier credit on booking, for up to three years, and a Category A Rebate, the highest paying rate,” Millard said.

Millard noted that Virtustream has been building out its own partner program as well.

“Our partner program was front-end margin services, much more traditional,” he said. “It is now much more differentiated when combined with what Virtustream is offering now with Dell EMC. You have the  front end margin on monthly reoccurring revenue, but now also tier credits, rebates, MDF accruals and a significant services opportunity. Bringing the two together has made us confident we have the strongest partner program in the cloud industry now.”

Millard indicated that the partner opportunity with Enterprise Cloud has been less deep than Storage Cloud, which has already been exposed to the Dell EMC channel. He said he expects that partner participation to increase over time on Enterprise Cloud as exposure deepens.

“Storage Cloud has the broader partner ecosystem, while Enterprise Cloud partners have been limited to the major SIs,” he said. “Participation will broaden out on Enterprise Cloud, but it will be over a longer period of time. We are only just now beginning to work with the solution providers.”