Dell Technologies expands Virtustream with new Healthcare Cloud

The company also announced a new plug-in, which fulfills a critical task in linking the Virtustream cloud to VMware’s vRealize suite.

LAS VEGAS – Virtustream which is one of the strategically aligned businesses in the Dell Technology companies, is announcing the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud today

“The Healthcare Cloud delivers mission-critical applications in a cloud which is customized to meet the rigorous compliance standards of HIPAA and HITECH,” said Mark Prahl, head of product marketing at Virtustream.  It is a customized version of the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, which also offers guaranteed in-region hosting to meet country-specific data sovereignty requirements.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud provides both the cloud infrastructure and managed services needed to manage all of the categories of mission critical applications including EMRs, ERP systems, workforce management systems, precision medicine platforms, picture archive and communication systems (PACS) and other health IT systems.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud includes a new service, Virtustream EMR Service. It includes Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, and optional managed services for technical management of the EMR application suite’s infrastructure, database, application delivery, and data interfaces.

In addition to the new cloud, Virtustream is also announcing a new plug-in – which is rather than more significant than it sounds.

“It provides the ability to hook up VMwares vRealize cloud management suite to Virtustream in the cloud,” said Jeremy Burton, Dell Technologies’ Chief Marketing Officer.

“This plug-in  will enable the VMware private cloud to support applications and workloads through a single cloud,” Prahl said. “It automates the key function of defining the VMs through a single portal. It really enables a lot of power.”

Prahl said that in addition to increasing customer choice, the new plug-in gives Virtustream and the whole Dell Technologies family added strength in the market.

“It  supports our stance that we can efficiently deliver a multi-cloud solution,” he said.

Finally, Dell EMC President David Goulding, in his keynote on Monday, indicated that more is on the way from Virtustream. He said that a new Virtustream Enterprise Hybrid Cloud will be available later this year.