BitTitan adds Business Process Automation to platform to increase partner profits

BitTitan adds new functionality around processes for delivering products and services, defining, creating and protecting new IP, and better managing employees’ time.

BitTitan has announced the expansion of its MSPComplete platform with the addition of business process automation functionality designed to make its MSP partners more profitable.

“We are super excited about launching this next generation of MSPComplete,” said Mark Kirstein, BitTitan’s VP of Product.

Kirstein said that the new capabilities are all about helping their partners to become what he termed modern MSPs, not just MSPs.

“MSPs are trying to help customers change and become more efficient by moving to the cloud, but they themselves also have to undergo similar changes in moving to the OPEX model,” he said. “This expanded platform helps enable partners to become modern MSPs, capturing new revenue opportunities, delivering new cloud opportunities, protect and creating new intellectual property – which is something that most MSPs typically struggle with. It all will drive tangible, profitable managed services automation.”

MSPs typically lack this kind of knowledge into how they can use automation to improve their profitability.

Mark Kirstein, BitTitan’s VP of Product

“From the smallest partner to the biggest, partners don’t have structured playbooks for delivering managed services – and where they do they don’t agree,” Kirstein said. “This is because they were traditionally set up to deliver on-prem services. They need, for example, to do a better job of load balancing, so that junior technicians handle the easier tasks while senior techs handle the more difficult tasks that are a better fit for their cost. MSPComplete now does this, and lets them discover new revenue opportunities by giving them a more holistic view into what they are using.”

MSPComplete has added three business process automation elements for partners, which together automate workflows, formalize better processes for delivering products and services, define, create and protect new IP, and better manage employees as well as customers. On the revenue side, they will Immediately generate recurring revenue through a vast library of turnkey project and managed services runbooks. They will stimulate higher profitability by intelligently assigning the right task to the right resource based on skill-level and paygrade. Finally, they will protect intellectual property by standardizing and securing IP at a granular level, to protect from loss of best-practice knowledge that comes from employee turnover.

“The Service Run Book is where the rubber hits the road,” Kirstein said. “This will improve their ability to communicate and deliver better visibility to customers. We have an extensive managed services roadmap. The focus is on Office 365 and Azure, but there is a whole series of bundles of managed services, and we will be expanding those throughout the year.” The MSPComplete Service Library includes over 100 migration and turnkey managed services around Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Microsoft Fast Track, Azure, EMS, Dropbox Business, Amazon, Box and Google G Suite

Kirstein also noted that when defining teams and assignments, in addition to being able to differentiate between junior and senior engineer teams, MSPs will be able to track time and effort spent on delivering services and tasks.

BitTitan views the new elements within MSPComplete as not competing with the PSA offerings for MSPs.

“We view it as complementary and are working with some of the major PSA vendors to drive the go-to-market,” Kirstein said. “They do things we don’t and we do things they don’t, because managed services and professional services aren’t the same. We enable the MSP to customize, document and capture business processes, giving them the analytics and visibility to see where they are spending time on services. PSAs, on the other hand, are managing the business.”

BitTitan has been working on this over the last 16 months, around 20 of their 11,000 partners participating in early trials.

“The feedback has been astounding, from the little guys to the big guys,” Kirstein said. “Nothing else on the market today allows them to automate their business processes like this and identify areas for automation.”